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Evento Odoo Experience 2020 starts on 30 de septiembre de 2020, 14:00:00 CEST
Timesheet Workshop: the Timesheet App People Love!
Ubicación: Studio3 - 1/10/20 13:30 - 1/10/20 14:00 (-0400) (30 minutos)

Timesheet Workshop: the Timesheet App People Love!
Wilfried Junkcer Channel Account Manager at Odoo

Wilfried is a Channel Account Manager at Odoo and has been working in the ERP, CRM, and BI industries for several years. He is passionate about helping clients find efficient and effective solutions for their needs. Since completing his Masters in B-to-B Business Development, he has had the opportunity to work in different areas of the software ecosystem, including a consulting firm that implemented a variety of software products, and a software vendor that worked with partners across Europe, Canada, and the US. All this experience allows him to have a unique understanding of several perspectives of this complex industry. 

Odoo's Timesheet is the solution you need to be able to track your exact work hours, from any device, anywhere, with a user-friendly interface. The application even allows you to add descriptions, compare forecasted and planned hours, in addition to automatically timesheet on projects or tasks upon time off requests.

In this talk, you will dive into the application and, in first hand, get to know about the new features:

- Easily change the Sales Order Item to which your timesheets are linked;

- Remaining hours are indicated in the name of tasks when encoding timesheets;

- Expression of Timesheets durations in days on the portal;

- Transfer timesheets from one task to another;

- Record time spent on projects and tasks using a timer;

- Use hotkeys to launch the timer or to add minutes to a given project and task;

- Hide or display optional fields in the list view;

- Timesheets can be automatically validated.

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How many different options does Odoo Timesheet offer to record employee time?
What is my different encoding unit available in Odoo Timesheet: