Odoo Implementation Methodology

Practical Info

Date: Monday Sep 30 - Tuesday Oct 1
Time: 9 am - 5 pm
Location: Aula Magna • Belgium
Lunch and Drinks are included for each day of the training.


This training is for anybody interested in discovering and using an innovative and efficient project methodology.

Why should you attend?

Do any of these sentences seem familiar to you:

  • I struggle in delivering my projects quickly / on time.
  • I regularly need to do a large amount of development before the first production launch and it's hard to maintain.
  • After having done everything my customer was asking, he's still unhappy.
  • I'm new in this wonderful job and I need guidance!

What will you learn

This training covers a complete review of the QuickStart implementation methodology and its core concepts, its practice and the "How To" start selling and implementing projects applying it (ideal profile to be recruited, workload, onboarding, ensure profitability, etc.).

Table of Contents

Day 1 - Monday

  • Key concepts & Goals

  • Project stakeholders

  • Approach for a < 50 users /  > 50 users project
    • Use case Speaker < 50 users: Christophe Ricevuto - Odoo QuickStarter
    • Use case Speaker > 50 users: Gregory Dethier - Odoo Large Project
  • What about development?
    • Use case Speaker: Antoine Sencie - Odoo QuickStarter

Day 2 - Tuesday

  • Start applying QuickStart in my company
    • Use case Speaker: Nhomar Hernández - Vauxoo - CEO
  • Sales process
    • Speaker: Odoo Direct Sales 
  • Recruit the perfect QuickStarter
    • Speaker: Benjamin Gautier  - Odoo QuickStarter

Catherine Vieslet, BE Quickstart Manager - Odoo

Catherine Vieslet is the QuickStart Consultants Manager at Odoo BE. After a first 18 month experience of OpenERP V7, she started working with Odoo in June 2014. As a functional consultant, she has implemented Odoo for various customers in many different countries. She has now been supervising the QuickStart Team's performances for over three years and a half. She helps her consultants to provide the best project guidance to their customers and she develops the team (training, recruitment, new comers on boarding, etc.).

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