Evento Odoo Experience 2019 starts on 30 de septiembre de 2019, 8:00:00 CEST
Running an Agile Project in Odoo
Location: Aula Magna / Biéreau - 3/10/19 6:00 - 3/10/19 6:20 (-0400) (20 minutos)

Running an Agile Project in Odoo
J.A. Daniel Göppner

Graduated in Business Informatics Project manager at brain-tec group AG

This talk will be most beneficial to anyone involved in Projects of Odoo applications or running projects in Odoo.

The audience will learn about the brain-tec SCRUM Module for Standard Odoo Project Management, 100% based on Odoo and dedicated to Project managers or Business Owners as well as Odoo partners running an agile Project. 

You can expect an overview of the different features, especially the ones developed for the agile Project (on top of all standard features of Odoo which are also very useful for Projects). We'll start with a general introduction, an overview of the scope, benefits of an agile project followed by live demos of the module and features, as well as a few possible customer cases. And finally the next versions and extension of the brain-tec SCRUM Module followed by a summary and then a Q&A session.  

- What is an agile project and what are the Benefits 

- How to run an agile Project within Odoo with Project Module 

- Benefits of running an Odoo as ERP Integration as agile and within Odoo