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Docx-Reports Module: Quick Generation of an Editable Report on Any Record
Location: Aula Magna / Biéreau - 4/10/19 3:10 - 4/10/19 3:30 (-0500) (20 minutos)

Docx-Reports Module: Quick Generation of an Editable Report on Any Record
Pierre-François Berne Founder and CEO  at Yubsis

After 25 years of experience in Biopharmaceutical research, Pierre-François Berne decided to leave his job in a Big Pharma to launch a start-up company: Yubsis was created in Nov 2018 and provides software solutions for Life Science research. Several custom Odoo modules have been developed.

Odoo users!

Wouldn't it be great to be able to quickly export key information from any record to a docx document that could then be edited by Word or Libreoffice?

We have developed a new module called "Docx-reports" for this purpose. 

You can now select any model of the database and prepare their report template in a few clicks, by selecting the fields of interest and adding specific text or titles between the fields. Any type of field can be selected, including image fields. One2many or Many2many fields and converted to a table. 

The selection of a Many2one field allows you to select a field in the related model. Report templates are saved as database objects. Templates are applied to any database-stored record to obtain a file with a docx extension. A great advantage of this approach, unlike a report in pdf format,  is that it allows users to further edit this file, by adding specific comments or changing the formatting. 

This module has been tested with Odoo12 Community, but should be compatible with enterprise edition as well.