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RouteLog: the Solution for Logistics Companies
Ubicación: Martin's / Infinity - 2/10/19 11:30 - 2/10/19 11:50 (-0400) (20 minutos)

RouteLog: the Solution for Logistics Companies
Irena Jakša Zupančič CEO & Owner  at Ascaldera d.o.o.

What is RouteLog …and how can it help my company grow ...? 

RouteLog is the best solution for logistics companies to improve their customer experience and add value to their services. In addition to logistics branch, any other company with the desire to track shipment data can use our RouteLog.

Why use RouteLog – you ask? 

With RouteLog you can monitor cargo in real-time. Temperature, humidity and location are just some of the data you can gather and display in web-based application. We know that the data sharing can be important to you, so this feature is also embedded in our solution. Furthermore, you can also compare and analyse data or graphically display the data.    

RouteLog uses GPS data to display route on a map with all meta information you need to monitor your delivery progress. Thanks to a very powerful backend, you can also set triggers and alerts, so you are always notified when something changes. RouteLog is also in compliance with the EU GDPR directive, so no worries, your and your client’s data is safe.

RouteLog is designed to be scalable and there is a variety of options you can add later to your monitoring.   We currently use LoRa technology to communicate with the server. If there is no LoRa frequency found, data is stored on an encrypted local storage and sent at a later time. All communication with the end server is safe and encrypted. RouteLog also uses local devices such as smart phones to interact with the backend: order pickup confirmation, route start, route finish, order finish confirmation …     

Possibilities are endless … You think of it – we can most definitely build it!