Evento Odoo Experience 2019 starts on 30 de septiembre de 2019, 8:00:00 CEST
Advanced B2B Email Marketing Campaigns
Ubicación: Martin's / Infinity - 4/10/19 5:10 - 4/10/19 5:30 (-0400) (20 minutos)

Advanced B2B Email Marketing Campaigns
John Buie President  at Journey Better Business Group Inc.

John Buie currently manages the online marketing for over a dozen Odoo ERP based corporations with 5m-10m USD in sales annually located in the USA. This includes Marketing Automation, Email Marketing and marketplace integrations with Google and Amazon. One of these is his own company, https://lab.equipment which many have said is the most advanced e-commerce site ever built using the Odoo Website Builder App. John's mission is to help corporations turn their ERP from a cost-centre to a profit-centre, by leveraging their ERP data to build targeted marketing campaigns, leading their prospects down the sales funnel. Aside from Lab.Equipment, John is the Founder and President of an online marketing agency with 65 employees in 4 countries and is currently launching a new Odoo Partner focused on consulting specifically on digital marketing for corporations running Odoo as their ERP system worldwide.

Why should you attend this session? 

Have you already deployed Odoo Enterprise or Community for your company or a client, now you are ready to start utilizing it to make a profit for your organization instead of just improving the process? 

Who is it for? 

Even if traditional marketing is not your role internally or service currently provided to your clients, being the resident Odoo expert makes it part of your journey to fully utilize Odoo’s potential, including marketing automation and email. This is also one of the rare opportunities you have to go back to the project stakeholders, boss or client, and show them how your work on Odoo can be a profit-center instead of the cost-center your services are typically lumped into. 

What will you learn that you have not heard everywhere else already?

Attend this session to learn a few advanced tricks of utilizing Odoo for your email marketing which most marketing teams would overlook, and you as their technical expert can help them replace the popular email marketing services such as MailChimp, Constant Contact or ActiveCampaign they might currently be using, with Odoo and of course, your guidance. 

Key takeaways from this session:

  1. Learn the only two email marketing analytics that really matter and why; Life-Time Value (LTV) and Customer Acquisition Costs (CAC). Most importantly, see how you can determine if a marketing campaign is sustainable and will provide profitable growth to your company in the future by using them to calculate the golden ratio of LTV:CAC. You cannot do these calculations using an email marketing tool that does not reside inside of your ERP, such as Odoo. Giving you the most unique sales opportunity to position Odoo’s marketing automation solutions to a boss or client.

  2. Advanced tactics are a must-do, but seldom done correctly, to ensure your emails stay out of the spam folder. How to Improve deliverability using a 3rd party email sending service such as Sendgrid, ReturnPath or Mailgun as the outbound mail server on Odoo. Then also configuring the DNS settings perfectly which most people miss; DKIM, SPF, rDNS, and DMARC for a perfect technical implementation. Finally, using the tools to monitor these settings you worked so hard to implement.

  3. Tips along the way of how to increase the success of your email marketing campaigns drastically from my experience sending over one million B2B emails per month from the Odoo platform. 

If you cannot make this session or have any follow-up questions, just shoot an email to me; john@johnbuie.com and we can meet up during the conference to chat if our schedules align. Connect pre or post-conference on LinkedIn.com/in/jbuie .