Simplifying the Customer Journey to Improve Customer Experience

What is the customer journey?

By customer journey we refer to the end to end set of activities and processes a customer goes through to start using Odoo Enterprise. The Odoo customer journey is everything you do from the moment you go to, to the moment your Odoo instance is live in production and used by your employees.

What is customer experience?

By customer experience we refer to a set of conscious and subconscious attitudes, feelings and beliefs regarding interactions (awareness, discovery, cultivation, advocacy, purchases, services, etc…) we have with our customers throughout our business relationship.

This talk is about understanding the Customer Experience in order to refine the Customer Journey.

The customer experience is how you feel about the whole process. It is the sum of all thoughts, experiences, feelings, reactions, attitudes, etc… that customers have or will have in regards to the usage or potential usage of Odoo Enterprise. Customer experience can be either overall (in regards to the entire product) or in regards to just one touch-point with the product or service. The customer journey is a representation of the touch-points a customer engages with Odoo.


Jaime Catalan, Business Advisor - Odoo

Date & time

06/10/2017 11:45


20 minutos

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