Event Odoo Experience 2016 starts on 3 de octubre de 2016, 8:00:00 CEST
Geodan: Preparing Geo-ICT for the future with Odoo 10
Location: Business Sessions / Biéreau (-1) - 5/10/16 6:00 - 5/10/16 6:20 (-0400) (20 minutos)

Onestein B.V.

Evert Meijer - Co-founder and CEO of Geodan - Geo-ICT-consulting agency www.geodan.nl

Evert Meijer is going to tell us about his company from a helicopter point of view: where is the company coming from, where does it want to be and why/how does Odoo fit in this story?

Odoo partner Onestein is helping Geodan with the integration of Odoo 10. Right now, people are working on the development version of Odoo 10 Enterprise (Alpha version, code in Odoo 10).

For the coming months the stabilization of the system is taking place and in January 2017 Odoo 10 will go into production for Geodan. So..exciting times. This project will show how Odoo 10 is going to support the company's path to its future.