Flexible Connections: A CRM with network focus

With this module, you are able to make flexibele connections between persons and organisations, between persons or between organisations, making your CRM network-focused. For example you can make: Maria Osla (person) is chairman (connection) of the GreenParty (organization). A two way connection is established, also the GreenParty has a chairman named Maria Osla. The type of connections you can define is limitless, Father/Son, Married with, Secretary of/has Secretary, is Competitor of etc. One person or organisation can have many (different type) connections, limited in time or not, as needed. The advanced search- and filter functions of the connections are integrated in the CRM search screen, and will be demonstated. This functionality is often needed in political parties, non-profits, membership organizations or for example in the healthcare were some organizations need to keep track of a complete social network of a client. Module: partner_multi_relation, v9 community Non-profit, political party, membership organizations, client-centered administrations (Health)