Development: 5 mixins and objects you will want to inherit

You won't believe how useful #1 can be!

Sometimes at Odoo, we try to make the job of partners and developpers easier. Things like easy messaging integration, easy tracking, easy website publishing. Maybe you didn't know about all this. After this talk, you will.

  • Add messaging abilities to any object with mail.thread

  • Track your website visitors with the utm mixin

  • Add a rating system to any object with the rating mixin

  • Be accessible from the outside by mail using the mail.alias mixin

  • Easy website visibility control with the website.published mixin 


Damien Bouvy (dbo)

Damien is currently the Team Leader for the Odoo Technical Support and for the Odoo Migration team.

Before this position, he worked for 3 years at the Odoo R&D department. He has taken part in the development of several features in Odoo, including the Subscription application, the Sales application, the frontend portal and the payment acquirers - then on our internal codebase for the platform, maintaining the billing process of, developing external tools and internal processes. More recently, he took part in the development of the platform before moving on to the Professional Services department of Odoo.