Clouder, an SaaS offer builder based on Odoo

Clouder is a set of Odoo modules you can use to deploy and manage complete open-source infrastructures, including not only the application but also all the components around it (monitoring, proxy, backup, analytics, SSO, etc...) in a very flexible way.

More than just a PaaS, Clouder combines the power of Odoo and Docker to create a complete toolbox for those who want to launch a hosting offer, from the website form to the management console and the invoicing. You can already use Odoo to create ERP verticalizations, but Clouder brings it to the next level by allowing you to create and deploy infrastructure verticalization, taking the best of the open-source world, packaging it and create your own SaaS offer to make them accessible for everyone.

During the talk I'll present the Clouder concept, the idea and goals behind it, and make a live demo of it's multi-containers and multi-bases capabilities.