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The Cannabis Vertical And Odoo
Location: Main Hall - 6/11/19 18:30 - 6/11/19 18:50 (-0600) (20 minutos)

The Cannabis Vertical And Odoo
Joshuah Rodery, Consultant at Captivea

Joshuah Rodery lives to tackle new challenges and has lead training and small business mentorship programs for NASA, the North Alabama Black Chamber of Commerce, and the Department of Defense. As a business process and enterprise veteran he has spent the last two years focusing specifically on the Cannabis sector and has worked extensively with METRC compliance, processing, manufacturing, and distribution requirements throughout California, Nevada, and Florida. In his professional history he spent nine years as a C Level Operations and Finance professional handling more than $1 Billion in contract negotiations and management for Technology, Manufacturing, and Communications Sectors, and prior to that spent four years leading financial planning, logistics distribution, and national supply chains supporting Walmart, Kroger, Target, and CVS and a freight fleet of more than 10,000 trucks nationwide in the CPG and media sectors. He has a Masters in Finance, an MBA, and a Bachelors in Management of Information Technology.

Interested in providing solutions for the Cannabis Industry? The cannabis industry is the first new commodity in nearly 100 years. They are closing in on 10 billion dollars of revenue with double digit growth expected in the coming years. This rapid growth has created a huge opportunity for ERP software to meet the demand in a very technology forward thinking market that has no default software of choice yet. Discover the industry’s macro trends and prepare now for the challenges facing the Cannabis industry today and how Odoo can be a part of the solution. An experienced speaker will give a brief introduction into the state of the Cannabis industry, the regulatory environment it operates in, and the greatest challenges facing it. This will be followed by direct examples of how Odoo can provide competitive solutions for these challenges and will end with an open period for questions. challenges and will end with an open period for questions.