Evento Odoo Connect 2019 starts on 5 de noviembre de 2019, 8:00:00 -0800
Find Millions Of New eCommerce Customers Worldwide By Integrating With Odoo
Location: Main Hall - 7/11/19 13:00 - 7/11/19 13:20 (-0600) (20 minutos)

Find Millions Of New eCommerce Customers Worldwide By Integrating With Odoo
Abrar Zafar, CEO at ERPify

Abrar is the CEO od the ERPify Team (Odoo Gold Partner). They have developed specialized ways to help you grow your business by fast implementing Odoo e-Commerce, CRM, and ERP. Their optimized ERP implementation processes help us to offer you the best prices and unmatched process improvement experience. To serve you better, we directly acquire our resources from Odoo Belgium. As a result, they have flexible and high-quality resources available as a part of their team.

They offer high-quality fast services at reasonable prices because our experts can do a better job in much less time than competitors, or if you chose to hire resources internally on your payroll. ERPify frees you from the challenge of running a technology team so you can focus on business growth and your customer experience.

Do you have products that you would like to sell worldwide? We can show you how you can sell using Odoo your products easily to the world's biggest marketplaces - beyond Amazon and eBay.         Odoo will ensure product information and stock levels are synchronized and up to date across marketplaces, while orders are pushed back to Odoo from your connected marketplaces. We'll fully integrate your store, WMS, ERP or PIM with the most important local and major marketplaces, click & ad channels, and product feeds. You can quickly and accurately create very specific product listings for each separate channel, even when you sell tens of thousands of products. Create custom price rules and discounts for each separate channel or listing to ensure your products are priced perfectly for each country or marketplace. Add delivery costs or discount deals specifically for each separate channel. Or set up options for currency conversions. And by using our rounding options, you'll never be left with weird prices.