Evento Odoo Connect 2019 starts on 5 de noviembre de 2019, 8:00:00 -0800
Automate Financial Transactions For Multi-Channel Retailers
Location: Main Hall - 6/11/19 14:00 - 6/11/19 14:20 (-0600) (20 minutos)

Automate Financial Transactions For Multi-Channel Retailers
Nguyen Hoang, Lead Engineer at Novobi Lead Engineer  at Novobi

Nguyen Hoang is the lead engineer at Novobi, an Odoo Gold Partner in Texas. He's delivered over 30 Odoo solutions for Retail and Manufacturing clients in the US since 2013. Hoang also led the Novobi team implementing turnkey Accounting, Payroll, and Omni-Channel products for the Retail Industry.

In order to stay competitive in the Industry 4.0 era and reach largely unpredictable consumers, retailers must increasingly expand their digital footprints across multiple sales channels, including e-commerce sites, marketplaces, social commerce platforms, and in-person shopping experiences. One of the greatest challenges in doing so however is consolidating and managing the complex financial implications for proper reporting and analytics. Using Odoo’s powerful ability to integrate systems, financial automation can be achieved even in complex, cross-channel selling situations. In this talk, learn about creating automated workflows in financial management so sales and transactions from multiple channels can be properly tracked, managed, and recognized into the correct accounts. With automated finances, you can reduce manual entry and increase efficiency and accuracy while generating real time reports and analytics. This talk will cover a use case for Odoo automation in your finance vertical for multi-channel sales as well as how to create workflows for the correct recognition of transactions.