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Aquacare Suministro de Agua
Aquacare specializes in supplying water filtration systems to different types of establishments such as restaurants, coffee shops, and factories.
Madian Environmental Solutions
Madian Environmental Solutions Suministro de Agua
Madian Environmental Solutions is a start-up company operating in the waste management and sweet water supply sector. As an environmental service provider, the company's primary operations involve the collection and disposal of waste from various sites, which is then transported to landfills. They operate a fleet of trucks for waste collection and sweet water supply. The company's main point of contact previously worked at NEOM, and they primarily conduct B2B operations.
SFAC Suministro de Agua
The institution is a group of multiple activities in the various sectors of contracting, operation and maintenance, based on more than thirty years of experience in various contracting sectors and the multiplicity of its activities.
Water Projects Saudi Arabia Ltd.
Water Projects Saudi Arabia Ltd. Suministro de Agua
We introduce our company as a reliable manufacturer, dealer and service provider in the water treatment industry. Water Projects Saudi Arabia Ltd. is a 100% Saudi owned company. The main company shareholders are H.H. Prince Faisal Bin Abdul Aziz and managing director Dr. Ali Abdul Rahman Al Khalaf.

The company was incorporated in the year 1978. Around 70 engineers, technicians and administrators are employed. At Water Projects Saudi Arabia company we conduct business with ethics and integrity, we are proud of the products and the services we provide. Our goals are commuted to high standards of quality and sound services.

The company has been successfully engaged in many Water Treatment contracts since it was established throughout Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Yemen, Kuwait and Bahrain. The company supplied many plants where successful plant performance is based on good engineering design.