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A. S. Al JARED TRADING CO. LTD Fabricación
Working in the field of water pumps for 25 years, gained trust of many international companies and therefore presents them as an agent in Saudi Market.
Al-Amoudi Group & Partners  Co
Al-Amoudi Group & Partners Co Fabricación
Abdul Latif Saeed Al Amoudi & Partners Group is one of the largest national successful group of companies with 65 years of experience in various fields. From its first day Al Amoudi Group had a vision, mission and ambition to support and contribute effectively in the development of Saudi economy with all its different sectors and fields.
Ayan Group
Ayan Group Fabricación
Ayan is a Saudi-based group of companies comprised of diversified business lines with both new and deeply-rooted brands. The core business lies in creating a positive economic impact and long-term value for our region, the companies we invest in and the communities in which we work.

Construction Technology, Retail Food & Beverage, Real Estate Development are the main focus areas of Ayan.
Dalba Group
Dalba Group Fabricación
Saudi economy has been hugely improved in all careers; agriculture, trading and industries. Our group (Dalba Group) is the one which should share in the economical improvement to provide the society surrounded and to get the advantages of the new wave of high technology. And our group provides has many activities; so if we take a look in the agricultural career we will find that one of our group produces the most important vegetables which are necessary for feeding the local market and produces also kinds of animal foods which is rich in the most important healthy materials and vitamins improving the animal wealth. In the industrial career our group has factories for producing thermo insulation materials and packing materials by the co-operation with SABIC company which feeding our factories with the raw materials which are environment friendly materials. In the constructions career as well our group providing the concern companies with the raw materials for the constructions such as blocks, interlock and many other kinds of concrete products. Also, our group shares in providing of water resources by drilling the wells with variant depths by depending on the most new high technology drilling experiences and equipments from the most famous suppliers in the world which have an ISOO registration to give the best quality. In the trading career as well our group considered as one of the agents for the biggest companies in the world.

All of that above makes our group (Dalba Group) to be a pioneer in the most important economical careers.
Dear Son - KSA
Dear Son - KSA Fabricación
Dear Son Uniform consists of a factory and shops, the company was established in 2006 under our mother company, Siddiq Farsi Holding Co. which was established in 1978 and currently operating many development and investment companies.
Dear Son is specialized in producing clothes and uniforms for big organizations in KSA. Our portfolio includes companies, hotels, hospitals, factories, schools, universities, and colleges.
We are well-known for our high quality service which is summarized in delivery of the promised quality at the promised time to any location at the KSA.
Energy Care Holding
Energy Care Holding Fabricación
Energy Care Company undertakes all electrical and lighting works for factories, commercial and tourist establishments, universities, airports, hospitals, clubs, malls, commercial complexes and hotels.
Harariyat Fabricación
Arabian Refractories Factory Co. – HARARIYAT is a 100% Saudi owned closed stock company, located in Dammam 2nd Industrial City, Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia. HARARIYAT is engaged in the manufacture and supply of refractory materials to the GCC (The Arab States of Gulf Cooperation Council) and regional steel and related industries since 1993.
Hussien Ben Aouda and Partners
Hussien Ben Aouda and Partners Fabricación
هي مجموعة شركات سعودية متخصصة في مجالات المخابز والمقاولات والصناعة لها أكثر من 30 سنة في السوق السعودي وتعتبر رافد أساسي في الاقتصاد السعودي ولديها فروع في كل أنحاء المملكة
IYA investment Co
IYA investment Co Fabricación
IYA investment group owns several leading companies in the field of livestock with accumulated experiences extending since the mid-sixties of the last century. The start was the establishment of a project to produce table eggs and a factory to produce feeds, which is among the first projects in this field in the region. Thus, the group expanded by establishing huge feed factories and in different regions of the Kingdom.

IYA investment group has also expanded in the poultry industry by establishing projects for the grandparents of chicken meat and layer breeders to support the increasing demand from eggs and chicken meat. The group has also invested in the field of feed additives and the manufacture of feed premixes by establishing one of the largest and most modern feed premixes factories in the region, in addition to establishing the latest laboratories specialized in food and feed.

IYA investment group has also given wide attention to the supply chain for the feed sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by importing, trade-in grains and storing it by providing huge warehouses for storing grains and feedstuffs and providing an advanced transportation fleet.
Kitchen & Closet Solutions Holol
Kitchen & Closet Solutions Holol Fabricación
تصميمات مطابخنا المتغيرة تسمح لكِ بإنشاء مطبخ أحلامك. دعي خيالك يحلق وحلول تنفذ لكي احلامك

Rand Tech Electronic Manufacturing Company
Rand Tech Electronic Manufacturing Company Fabricación
Rand Technologies, Inc., based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, manufactures an extensive line of high-quality interior and exterior LED lamps and fixtures that produce immediate energy savings and a rapid return on investment. Randtech offers an extensive lighting product line backed by warranties of up to 10 years to meet most commercial, industrial, or residential installation and retrofit needs.
Saudi Sicli
Saudi Sicli Fabricación
It is a leading company founded in 1979. Saudi Sicli has been developed for over than 39 years, well known in the field of safety and security services, located in Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Specialize in:

Fire Protection Equipment Manufacturing

Fire Rescue and Firefighting Services

Fire Protection Equipment and Systems Contracting and Trading

Security Systems and Services

Medical Equipment Trading and Support
Sulalat Coffee
Sulalat Coffee Fabricación
Varietal cafe is based in Saudi Arabia's and it’s Specialty with Coffee Roasters, the
premier online coffee store in the Arab world.
Unilever - Binzagr KSA
Unilever - Binzagr KSA Fabricación
Binzagr Unilever Distribution Company Ltd.

UCOIN Project