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 Eltouny Elevators Company
Eltouny Elevators Company Construcción
Eltouny Elevators Company is a leading company in design, manufacture, and supply of complete elevators and its components parts in Egypt and the Middle East. Eltouny is a private-sector group of companies that started operation in 1964. Our products are supplied to most of the companies in the Egyptian market and also exported worldwide.

With our long-term experience and development of technology, strict quality control, and know-how of more than fifty years, we have shaped the industry and defined the best practices as a mobility manufacturer. Eltouny Elevators Company not only has succeeded in putting customer safety first, but also offering our passengers a great sense of pleasure.

Today Eltouny Elevators Company offers a complete lift solution by becoming an authorized distributor and certified installer for renowned home lifts companies in the UK and Europe. Eltouny is proudly the certified distributor for Stiltz Home Lifts, Terry Home Lifts, PVE Pneumatic Vacuum Elevators, and Acorn Stair Lifts in Egypt.
Alsaf is an advanced construction and Real estate Company that specializes in 3d Modeling, Civil Engineering, Real Estate, and Construction.
Alsaf is using odoo to intersect its 4 main specializations in a seamless one-stop solution.
Arabic Identity for Contracting
Arabic Identity for Contracting Construcción
Arabic Identity for Contracting is a leading end-to-end contracting company providing all types of building requirements for companies and mega projects.

The company’s expertise in this field ranges from helping in defining requirements and issuing tender documents to selection of optimal supplier(s) to supplying through our large network of suppliers worldwide or through our factories to providing maintenance and operation services.
Centerpoint Egypt
Centerpoint Egypt Construcción
Center Point is one of the most innovative and integrated practices in Egypt since 2011
Engineering Construction Co.
Engineering Construction Co. Construcción
The Engineering Company for Reconstruction was established according to law 159 of 1981 and is considered one of the leading companies specialized in the field of Real estate investment in Egypt. The company has many achievements in its implemented & delivered projects to its clients since it delivered more than 1500 residential units, commercial and touristic complexes.
Gate Development
Gate Development Construcción
Gates Developments is one of Egypt’s most dynamic property development companies. Our philosophy is all about challenging perspectives. At Gates Developments, we simply believe in the power of the space we live in. We are convinced that design is primarily responsible for the behavior of the community. That’s why we aspire to creating daring shapes and designs. Inspired by nature, these new shapes will be bringing Gates Developments communities to life.

Jedar Construction Company
Jedar Construction Company Construcción
Jedar. provides experienced, knowledgeable and skilled professionals to manage all phases of your construction project.
We handle all types of construction and are experts in Redecoration, Renovation and Refurbishment.
MIMAR Engineering Consultants Egypt
MIMAR Engineering Consultants Egypt Construcción
With over 10 years in the field of engineering consultancy, Mimar Engineering Consultants exemplifies such a brilliant legacy. For years it has remained true to its roots and core values while being at the forefront of innovation and global trends. Nothing demonstrates this better than the fact that the company president personally oversees all our mega-scale projects.

Together, leadership and team, we look forward to engineering a future that defines and inspires the ethos of generations to come.
Makheela Holding Group
Makheela Holding Group Construcción
In 1982 a family business was established through Trading Services office specialized in the wholesaling business, food, detergents and within a short period of time, the business earned the trust of the market and built a strong client base as a group.

Few years later, the business started growing and developing, within few years, the office opened several trade fairs in sales and marketing of household wares fragmentation.
Expanding of business was then accorded, which then converted to a commercial enterprise for import and export, on the local and regional markets.

In early 2001, a manufacturing plant was developed specialized in cleaning materials such as dry and liquid, later on- followed by the establishment of other plastic factory specialized in plastic hoses, electrical vacuum cleaning pipes, to be the first in Saudi Arabia, followed by the establishment of gilding household wares factory.

In 2006, all of the factories were merged to be established Sambit asphalt insulation, refining oils specialized in oil derivatives and waterproofing of roads and buildings. Sambit has been able to plant a position in the local market and has many privileges, which enabled it to export materials outside of Saudi Arabia. In addition to that, it has won multiple contracts with leading construction companies in the Kingdom.

To open a variety of markets and enter into distinct areas, in 2009, KingdomSama for Supplies was established, which operates in the supply for government agencies and Civil companies. Later on, It became specialized in supplying all onboard services.

In 2009, Makheela Holding Group was established, which comes underneath it Kingdom Sama, Khuta and Nukote Arabia for coating, working in the diverse procurement of government agencies, civil companies, contracting, implementation of government projects, as well as manufacturing projects.
Nakheel Misr Contracting
Nakheel Misr Contracting Construcción
We offer an end-to-end client experience that includes seamless communication, budgeting, staffing, on-site organization, and solid, quality handiwork every time.

Our past projects include both new construction and repairs/restorations. Occupied and fully operational job sites are never a problem. And we can also plan, manage, and build multi-phase jobs.
Xervone Construcción
XERVON Egypt has been established in since 1999 as Peiniger International Egypt (PIE), a subsidiary of the German Peiniger-RöRo Group, to provide the Egyptian market with high quality, strong performance and the highest standards of safety. In 2005 and after the merge between Peiniger-RöRo and ThyssenKrupp Plant Services GmbH, ThyssenKrupp XERVON was founded. Through the years ThyssenKrupp XERVON was known as one of the best specialized contractors in the region. In 2011 REMONDIS successfully completed the acquisition of the group as a perfect strategic complement to its industrial and commercial services. Since then the company name has been known as XERVON Egypt S.A.E.