Sakr Real Estate
Sakr Real Estate
After its establishment in 2010, Sakr real estate was able to leverage on the success of Sakr Power Systems and Sakr Lighting Systems, it became one of the leading property developers in MENA region with around 200 employees. Being the first developer to establish smart construction in the Middle East, North Africa region, SAKR is working on scheming unique projects by linking the complex world of advanced technologies with simple comfort of better quality of life.

Their Challenges: as a result of Sakr’s success they ended up with thousands of leads which made it hard for the company to manage them all and take actions in a reasonable time, adding to that the excel and google sheets started to slow their sales teams.

Additional challenges surfaced with large number of leads like tracking the history of each contact and following up on activities for the large sales teams thus a Customized Odoo ERP module proved to be the right solution for them.

Azkatech, the official Odoo gold partner helped them via customizing both the sales, procurement and inventory modules to fit the specific needs of real estate operations.

In addition, an important implementation was the property price calculator and payment options which were a must in a changing financial and economic landscape in Lebanon Sakr needed an agile methodology to speed up the delivery, thus Azkatech was able to onboard their teams on Odoo CRM and Online CRM in a short time span of 3 day which helped them to stay on top of their market.
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