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How A/B testing can optimize your website

One of the main challenges when designing a landing page is making sure you tell people what they want to hear. There are many different ways to communicate your message, but they're not equally effective. Every time you make a change to a page, there's a risk you're page views will decrease and this may even jeopardize your whole business. But you do need to improve your website if you want to keep up with your competitors. And usually, it's only after a period of time that you'll know the effect of the changes you make.

Well, thanks to Odoo's A/B testing, this is no longer the case. 

A/B testing is a very simple, yet effective, tool that allows you to compare the results of several versions of a page. The process is quite straightforward: in our CMS, it's possible to design multiple versions of each page which are completely independent of each other. Then, one of the versions will randomly be shown to your website's visitors. 

In the backend, all the data related to the visits (such as time spent on each page, rebound rate, click-through rate, etc.) is sent to Google Analytics. From there, you can get a clear picture (with charts and numbers) of the performance of each of the different versions of the page to see what impact various changes have made and which is the best performing page. 

So, the guessing is over! Using Odoo's A/B testing feature, you can now rely on accurate, recorded data, provided by a professional and renowned Google tool.  

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