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Frequent Technical Questions

"Automated actions do not run at the exact time they were expected"

On the platform, we cannot guarantee an exact running time for automated actions.

This is due to the fact that there might be multiple customers on the same server, and we must guarantee a fair share of the server for every customer. Automated actions are therefore implemented slightly differently than on a regular Odoo server, and are run on a best effort policy.

Are there "best practices" regarding automated actions? always limits the execution time of automated actions (*aka* crons). Therefore, you must keep this fact in mind when developing your own crons.

We advise that:

  • Your automated actions should work on small batches of records.
  • Your automated actions should commit their work after processing each batch; this way, if they get interrupted by the time-limit, there is no need to start over.
  • Your automated actions should be idempotent: they must not cause side-effects if they are started more often than expected.

Can you install pycups or some similar library linked to CUPS ?

Several community apps for Odoo list pycups as required dependency.

  • pycups is a set of Python bindings for the libcups library. They are meant to integrate your computer with a local printing server.
  • CUPS is printing server meant to be used for printers on the same local network as the Odoo server.

We consider adding new system packages as long as they are indeed used. Regarding pycups, you won't be able to configure a printer in the local network of your server.