Linking Odoo data

You can insert and link several elements from your database in your spreadsheets, namely:

  • pivots,

  • graphs,

  • lists, and

  • links to menus (i.e., a clickable link to a view of a specific model).

Before inserting pivots, graphs, or lists, ensure they are tailored to your needs, as some elements are more quickly - or only - configurable in their respective view.

  • To insert pivots and graphs, click Insert in spreadsheet from any pivot or graph view.

  • To insert lists, click Favorites ‣ Insert list in spreadsheet from any list view.

  • To insert links to menus, click Favorites ‣ Link menu in spreadsheet from any view.

In the pop-up box, either create a new spreadsheet by selecting Blank spreadsheet or insert it in an existing one by selecting it and clicking Confirm.

Inserting a pivot in a spreadsheet


By default, new spreadsheets are saved under the Spreadsheet workspace of the Documents app.

Updating data

Once inserted in a spreadsheet, your data is kept up-to-date, reflecting any changes made to your database. Reopening the spreadsheet reloads the linked data.


To update pivots and lists data without reopening a spreadsheet, go to the menu bar and click Data ‣ Refresh all data.

Pivot data

Using Refresh all data only updates existing pivot cells. If new cells need to be added, go to the menu bar and click Data ‣ Re-insert pivot to fully update the pivot. Alternatively, click Insert pivot, select the pivot, and tick Display missing cells only to preview first the missing data.

Displaying missing cells in a pivot

To change which records are used by the pivot, right-click on a pivot cell, select See pivot properties, and click Edit domain.