Gmail Plugin


The Gmail Mail Plugin needs to be configured both on Odoo and Gmail.

Enable Mail Plugin

First, you need to enable the Mail Plugin feature in your database. Go to Settings ‣ General Settings ‣ Integrations, enable Mail Plugin, and Save the configuration.

Install the Gmail Plugin

  1. Open the Gmail Plugin Apps Script project.

  2. Verify you are logged in using the Google account you want to install the plugin on.

  3. Click on Publish then Deploy from manifest…

    Deploying from manifest the Gmail Plugin from the Apps Script project


    Make sure you are using the legacy editor; otherwise the Deploy from manifest functionality may not be available.

    Using the legacy editor in the Gmail Plugin Apps Script project
  4. Click on Install add-on. A “Deployment installed” notification should appear. You can then click on Close.

    Installing the Gmail Plugin from the Apps Script project

Configure your Gmail mailbox

  1. Open any email in your Gmail mailbox. On the right-side panel, click on the Odoo icon and then Authorize Access.

    Authorizing access to the Gmail Plugin
  2. Choose the right Google account.

    Choosing your Google account
  3. Allow the Gmail Plugin to access some of your data.

    Allowing the Gmail Plugin to access Google data
  4. The right-side panel can now display Company Insights. At the bottom, click on Login.

    Logging in your Odoo database


    Only a limited amount of Company Insights (Lead Enrichment) requests are available as a trial. This feature requires prepaid credits.

  5. Enter your Odoo database URL and click on Login.

    Entering your Odoo database URL
  6. If you aren’t logged into your database, enter your credentials.

  7. Click on Allow to let the Gmail Plugin connect to your database.

    Allowing the Gmail Plugin to connect to a database