• Starting in July 2022, it will not be possible anymore to connect and use a Six payment terminal in PoS.

  • 尽管Worldline最近已经收购了SIX 付款服务,并且两家公司都使用Yomani付款终端,但是它们运行的固件是不同的。 因此,从Worldline收到的终端与此集成不兼容。



First, make sure that the POS Six module is installed. For this, go to Apps, remove the Apps filter, and search for POS Six.

The POS Six module.

Back in Point of Sale ‣ Configuration ‣ Payment Methods, create a new payment method for SIX, select the payment terminal option SIX, and enter the payment terminal IP address.

Create a new payment method for the SIX payment terminal.


In the PoS interface, at the moment of the payment, select a payment method using a payment terminal. Verify that the amount in the tendered column is the one that has to be sent to the payment terminal and click on Send. To cancel the payment request, click on Cancel.

The PoS interface.

When the payment is done, the status will change to Payment Successful. If needed, reverse the last transaction by clicking on Reverse.

The Reverse button on the PoS interface.

If there is any issue with the payment terminal, you can still force the payment using the Force Done button. This will allow you to validate the order in Odoo even if there are connection issues between the payment terminal and Odoo.