Service Level Agreement

What is covered by the Enterprise Licence?

Databases hosted on Odoo’s Cloud platforms (Saas and or On-Premise (Self-Hosting) enjoy the following service at all times.

The upgrade of:

  • standard applications

  • Studio customization (as long as the Studio app is still active)

  • customizations done by our consulting and developer services if they are covered by a ‘Maintenance of Customisations’ subscription

The Upgrade Service is limited to your database’s technical conversion and adaptation (standard modules and data) to make it compatible with the targeted version.

What upgrading does NOT cover

  • The cleaning of pre-existing data & configuration while upgrading

  • Any new developments and/or upgrades of your own custom modules

  • Training on the latest version

You can get more information about your Enterprise Licence on our Odoo Enterprise Subscription Agreement page.


If you need Odoo assistance on this matter, please get in touch with your Odoo Account Manager or our Sales department.