Configure su cuenta Paypal

Paypal is available and popular worldwide. It doesn’t charge any subscription fee and creating an account is very easy. That’s why we definitely recommend it for starters in Odoo. It works as a seamless flow where the customer is routed to Paypal website to register the payment.

Cuenta Paypal

A business account is needed to get paid with Paypal. Create a Paypal Business Account or upgrade your Personal account to a Business account. Go to the Paypal settings and click on Upgrade to a Business account. Then follow the few configuration steps.

Settings in Paypal

First, let’s see how to set up your Paypal account in order to build a seamless customer experience with Odoo.
Log in and open the settings. Go to Products & Services ‣ Website payments and click Update on Website preferences.

Auto Return

Auto Return automatically redirects your customers to Odoo once the payment is processed. Check Auto Return and enter your domain name with the suffix /shop/confirmation as Return URL (e.g.

This URL is requested in Paypal but not used in practice as Odoo transmits it at each transaction. Don’t worry if you manage several sales channels or Odoo databases.


Payment Data Transfer (PDT)

Payment Data Transfer delivers the payment confirmation to Odoo as soon as it is processed. Without it, Odoo cannot end the sales flow. This setting must be activated as well. When saving, an Identity Token is generated. You will be later requested to enter it in Odoo.


Paypal Account Optional

We advise you to not prompt customers to log in with a Paypal account when they get to pay. Let them pay with debit/credit cards as well, or you might lose some deals. Make sure this setting is turned on.


Instant Payment Notification (IPN)

PDT sends order confirmations once and only once. As a result, your site must be running when it happens; otherwise, it will never receive the message. That’s why we advise to activate the Instant Payment Notification (IPN) on top. With IPN, delivery of order confirmations is virtually guaranteed since IPN resends a confirmation until your site acknowledges receipt.

To activate IPN, get back to Website payments menu and click Update in Instant Payment Notification.
La URL de Notificatión a establecer es su nombre de dominio + “payment/paypal/ipn” (p.e.

Payment Messages Format

If you use accented characters (or anything else than basic Latin characters) for your customer names, addresses… you MUST configure the encoding format of the payment request sent by Odoo to Paypal.


If you don’t configure this setting, some transactions fail without notice.

To do so, open:

A continuación, haz clic en Más opciones y establece los dos formatos de codificación predeterminados como UTF-8.

../../../_images/paypal07.png ../../../_images/paypal08.png

Your Paypal account is ready!


If you want your customers to pay without creating a Paypal account, Paypal Account Optional needs to be turned on.



For Encrypted Website Payments & EWP_SETTINGS error, please check the Paypal documentation.

Configuraciones en Odoo


Activate Paypal from the config bar of Sales, Invoicing and eCommerce apps, or from the configuration menu of Payment Acquirers.


Odoo requiere tres credenciales Paypal:

  • Email ID es su dirección email de login en Paypal.

  • Merchant ID can be found in the settings of your Paypal account, in Account Settings ‣ Business information.

  • Paypal PDT Token is given in Website payments configuration as explained here above.


Comisiones por transacción

You can charge extra fees to your customers for paying with Paypal; This to cover the transaction fees Paypal charges you. Once redirected to Paypal, your customer sees an extra applied to the order amount.

To activate this, go to the Configuration tab of Paypal configuration in Odoo and check Add Extra Fees.


You can refer to Paypal Fees to set up fees.


Traders in the EU are not allowed to charge extra fees for paying with credit cards.

Go live!

Your configuration is ready to roll. Make sure Production mode is on. Then publish the payment method by clicking the Published button right next to it.

../../../_images/paypal11.png ../../../_images/paypal12.png

Paypal is now available in your payment form available in eCommerce, Sales and Invoicing apps. Customers are redirected to Paypal website when hitting Pay Now. They get back to a confirmation page in Odoo once the payment is processed.


Entorno de pruebas

You can test the entire payment flow in Odoo thanks to Paypal Sandbox accounts.

Log in to Paypal Developer Site with your Paypal credentials.

This will create two sandbox accounts:

Entre en la Paypal Sandbox con la cuenta de comerciante y siga las mismas instrucciones de configuración. Entre sus credenciales sandbox en Odoo y asegúrese de que Paypal todavía tiene está establecido como Entorno de Test. Además, asegúrese de que no está activada la facturación automática en los ajustes de su eCommerce, para no generar facturas cuando se completa una transacción ficticia.

Ejecuta una transacción de prueba desde Odoo con la cuenta personal de sandbox.