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PHONG for computer Services

Ready Partner

Alhurriya Str.5
Abraj Alhurriya Building

As a company with a rich history, PHONG FCS has an unparalleled foundation for success. We are starting off our life as an advantaged downstream company with a strong heritage and enduring commitment to responsible and reliable operations, safety and care for the environment.

Among our attributes are an experienced leadership team, a talented global work force, a dedication to operating excellence and a strong balance sheet. Through these capabilities, PHONG FCS intends to enhance and grow our business and return value to shareholders, while maintaining as our highest priorities the operating integrity, safety and environmental performance of our operations.


We believe true sustainability requires that we reduce our impact on the environment and contribute to the wellbeing of society. PHONG FCS is dedicated to enhancing the sustainability of the communities in which we operate. We believe that supporting healthy local communities provides residents with a high-quality of life and enhances our own ability to succeed. 


We invite you to learn more about our sustainability work by visiting our website, and we welcome your comments.