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Mast Information Technology
PO Box 32015, Building 57, Block 711,
Road 11, 2nd Floor, Flat 24
0 Tubli 00000
+973 39999549

Mast Information Technology

Mast Information Technology W.L.L provides business solutions across a range of Accounting Software in a mixed performance between accuracy and ease of use , Gives the network solutions , provide IT Services, bulk SMS service and manages professional designs for web sites .

Our professional team at Mast-It , at the beginning listens to the client’s needs, and then utilizes the best new technologies to build significantly tailored solutions meet the customer’s requirements. We rely on the clients’ success through our solutions as the measure of our own success.

Founded in Bahrain 2008 , Mast Information Technology is a company with limited liability owned by Bahraini traders , It has grown rapidly to become a leading presence in the field within the Gulf states countries.

From the beginning , Mast Information Technology was keen to establish world-class alliances with IT leaders to add additional value to our services presented to customers. Mast-It is a Peachtree Accounting Software Certified Partner from Sage , and the owner of the Mast Point Of sales software . Recently, we formed a strategic alliance with Suppliers from European countries and the East Asian countries .

Mast-IT team comprises highly-qualified technical staff and training for the Accounting Software. Their skills cover all aspects required to provide integrated IT solutions. In addition to that, the management team has extensive experience in the IT field.


5 Fingers Contracting
We have built a strong partnership with many of our customers and clients, which has led to the expansion of our business Across the Kingdom.

Seeking to be one of the largest companies in the Future, we now look forward to compete with the best in this profession.

The company has clearly developed through several different and selected projects over the past years, which has given us a lot of experience. Most of our customers come back to deal with us once again to get the best we can offer in all new projects.
7 Candles
Seven Candles is a clothing-retail that sales clothes and accessories for women and kids.
Seven Candles has many Stores in Bahrain and is aiming to expand the store network by opening a new geographic location.
Seven Candles is known for its high quality, affordable and wide selections of clothes and accessories for women and kids.
And we do all that we could do to get our customers satisfaction, as serving our customers the way that exceeds their expectations is the main goal for the company.
Kooheji Real Estate is the best choice when it comes to property management. Our team specializes in the maintenance of investment properties, through evaluations of quality tenants and the understanding of legal regulations. Investors want to put their money into valuable properties and create a steady stream of monthly income. But most importantly, they need a professional property management team that can take care of the day-to-day operations.

Kooheji Real Estate focuses on our desire to gain the highest return from the client's investment property and we work diligently in finding qualified tenants for our properties. This process may take a little longer to investigate a potential tenant’s background, but it’s worth the wait.

Established in 2001, Al Khabbaz Kitchen WLL is a Private Limited Company based in Manama, Bahrain. The organisation operates in the Food & Beverage sector, and has 1 branch, subsidiary or associated company.
Almanar Stationery was established in 1981 with one store in Manama, today we continue to expand and grow in different directions. We are currently operating three stores in Bahrain - Manama, Riffa & the recently opened megastore in Wadi Al Sail mall. In addition we have also launched our online platform (mobile app) with a fully equipped call centre, where people can call directly to our sales floor and can have their items delivered to their doorstep.

In the megastore alone we now offer smart selections of Electronics (from personal gadgets, gaming, office solutions & home electronics) Toys, Arts & Crafts, Books, Party supplies & gifts plus a state of the art creative and printing solutions.
Aisha Jewel

Aisha Abdul Malik is a Bahraini talent who launched her brand under the name Aisha Jawaher in 2014 when she was only 17 years old. Aisha Jewels Company (“Aisha Jewels”) works tirelessly to develop its skills and build an integrated platform of unique designs, currently divided into two main collections, each collection reflecting a distinct character and spirit that suits various social occasions and satisfies the passion of beauty lovers.
Al Burni Water Co. W.L.L
Al-Burni is a company specialized in the packing of mineral drinking water, which was established to meet the market needs of mineral water in Bahrain. Mineral water with pollen flavor is one of our favoured products
Al Deebel Fish Factory
Al Deebel Fish Company W.L.L. one of the largest fish company in the Kingdom of Bahrain. The Company was formed in 1991.

The Company is certified by the Ministry of Kingdom of Bahrain. We are involved in processing and marketing of fish and fishery products. Our Processing and Cold storage facilities are very good and more capacity of holding fishes inside and cater to the requirements of global markets. We buy fish from the local fishermen through a network of procurement and processing centers all along the coast of Kingdom of Bahrain. Our major source of fish comes from our deep-sea trawler fishing in the Bahraini Waters.

Our country is a member of many environment protection organizations and has won many international awards. There are no nuclear plants or hazardous industries in the country. The government strictly controls pollution and environment measures and the seas are unpolluted.
Our plant has constructed as its facility to meet all the requirements of European Union Directives and US FDA HACCP regulation.
We have major markets in Korea, Japan, China, Vietnam, Egypt and Middle East countries. We are putting our all efforts and looking to be one of the leading companies in the global markets.
We look forward to conduct business with you at your convenience, and look forward to long mutually profitable and fruitful business relationships.
Al Kafeel Trading
In the early years, Islamic Relief packed and shipped the majority of the clothing to communities in need worldwide. However, we found this to be an expensive way to help our beneficiaries, as the costs of the shipping become higher than the value of the goods.

We therefore decided that the best way to provide help and support is by funding projects that help people out of the vicious cycle of poverty, by helping them to build a secure, sustainable future.

The majority of the clothes are sent to factory, where items are sorted, baled and shipped to buyers in other countries. Donated items are sold in our charity shops around Bahrain, often helping the less well-off in our communities by providing them with access to affordable clothing.

We also work with charities and mosques in Bahrain who are in need of clothing for the homeless and refugees. All profits from our operations are put towards the funding of various projects.
Al Majd School
AL MAJD PRIVATE SCHOOL provides high quality education at an affordable cost for students. We believe that the aim of education should be to promote a balanced development of the mental, emotional, physical, social, moral and spiritual aspects of our children.
Al Qadhi Bakery

Al Qadhi Bakery is one of the leading confectionery production unit in the Kingdom of Bahrain. As a Bakery we established with few people and a couple of machineries, and now at this stage, we stand with scores of professional Bakers and other young dedicated professionals at Administration, Sales and quality control and machineries from around the world with State-of-the-Art technology. With recent modernization and commissioning of our new Industrial production unit, our production per day touched around 18 tons of quality bakery products.
Al Sadiq Transport
Al Sadiq Transport for twenty five years of service, we are constantly improving the standard and value of our services. Our buses are of highest quality possible, well maintained and with passengers comfort and safety as main consideration. Our commitment towards excellence has marked improvement in all aspects of our service.

Company employs a team of experienced, dedicated, loyal, and professional people focused on providing a good quality service. Our drivers are specially selected and professionally trained. We operate 24 hours and 7 days a week.

We have an operational large fleet vehicles ranging from mini buses to luxury coaches. We provide transportation to daily school bus service, Bahrain ministries, Hotels and resorts, private companies, travel agencies, special events and not to mention cruise ships for City tours throughout Bahrain.
Al Yari Pharmacy
Al Yari Pharmacy works with licensed and regulated pharmacies, in the region and around the world, which ensures that the medications dispensed are sourced from highly regulated manufacturers and distributors that are licensed by the relevant country’s competent authorities.
Alaali Car Sales
Being in the car business since 1995, we understand our customer's needs.

There's always a car that suits your need and personality.

AL A'ALI MOTORS offers a wide range of brand new and pre-owned (well maintained) vehicles.

Whether you are looking for an economic to luxurious brand, AL A'ALI MOTORS is the best place for you, With its affiliate - SHONEEZ MOTORS, we have the vehicle that suits your budget. We also offer our customers competitive rental rates from AL A'ALI RENT A CAR - established in 2017. A fast-growing rental company with a variety of well-maintained brand new vehicles for renting and leasing.

There is the right car with the right price for every person and your options are vast.

Our well experienced and professional Sales team are always helpful in assisting our individual and corporate customers.
Alfath Pharmacy
We envisioned Alfath Pharmacies as a project to serve the communities of the Kingdom of Bahrain, We want to diligently reach out to the young and elderly members by providing them the best products and services through our pharmacy that is close to their community.
Aljaser Factory Company
From the land of Bahrain “DELMON; Land of Mortality” to all GCC countries, we are proud that since 1978 till today we continue working in the field of refreshing healthy herbal waters which varies in more than 25 healthy natural chemicals-free products. All of this and more comes in line with our strong belief of ancient medicine books retrieved from Prophet Mohammed’s directives in using herbs as cure.
Ammar Optical
In 2001, it was the start of Ammar Optician as an optical shop in Bahrain which has been introduced several types of branded frames and sunglasses and giving service of eye test and fixing different types of optical lenses.

Now in 2019 Ammar Optician in Bahrain has 7 branches spread across Bahrain and gives different type of services in optical, hearing aids and medical supplies with a very good trade name which encouraged the insurance company to have deals with us like Takaful International, Tazur, Gig Bahrain, Bnl, Solidarity, Snic, Arabia Insurance, Medgulf Takaful etc., thru various providers.

Ammar Specialist Eye Center in 2012 it was the first step to move from Bahrain to Oman as an optical shop under Ammar Optician Company which was the first stage in our three stages of strategy.

Now in 2019 we moved to the second stage which is (Ammar Specialist Eye Center) that we transfer the big area optical shop which is more than 350 Sqm. to a center which include eye clinic with a full services and optical showroom. In this center we do the consultation with very high qualified consultant Bahraini doctors who have plenty years of experience. And we do also the several type of eye checkup through different type of machines from the best in the world which are German manufacturing and mostly from Zeiss company and also we do the difficult type of eye surgery in our theater room in the same center thru very high quality machines which are from Germany and USA.

The 3rd stage in in our strategy will be opening more branches in Oman in different area and then opening our future hospital which will be more advance step in doing advance services in eye field.

As a part of, the year 2020 starts Ammar Eye Center with a new individual 3 floor building with 600 Sqm. which is exclusively only for the center. Each floor fully equipped with most modern medical equipment especially one floor reserved only for operations and its procedures. Any complicated types of operational procedures related with eyes doing in this new space by our Consultant doctors with high confidence and accurate results. The flow of patients showing the trust and belief on us which are considered most pleasure moments for Ammar Specialist Eye Center.
Anwar Albahrain
Anwar Albahrain Phones is leading mobile accessories retailer — offering the latest mobile phones and exciting accessories. We've put our continued success down to knowing what consumers and businesses need, and having an extensive range of the best accessories for the latest devices — both tied together with our world-class customer service.
Anwar Albahrain Phones is committed to providing excellent customer service and we aim to provide accurate and useful product advice to customers through our branches.
Arabian Horse
The Arabian Horse also provide consulting veterinary medical services to the public starting from poultry producers, equine fanatics and its respective stables, up to pet animal and bird aficionados across the country. The Centre is also the house for laboratory services which then offer increased benefit to the success of treatment of specific clinical conditions of animals being submitted.
Auto Trust
AUTO TRUST is a leading automotive spare parts company in the kingdom of Bahrain, established in the year 1992 as an importer, re-exporter, and distributor of European automotive spare parts.
We have gained an exclusive dealership and marketing rights through our rigid and long standing relationships with our top automotive spare parts manufacturers and suppliers offering an extensive range of original equivalent and after market brands for European passenger cars; MERCEDES BENZ, BMW, VOLVO, AUDI, VW, OPEL, PORSCHE and MINI.
Over the years, AUTO TRUST has not only become known for the excellence of its products and their dynamic operational approach in this versatile market, but also for its commitment to offering their customers high-quality service advice.
Azure Fashion
Azure Fashion is a clothing-retail that sales clothes for kids.
Azure Fashion is aiming to expand the store network by opening a new geographic location.
Azure is known for its high quality, affordable and wide selections of clothes for kids.
And we do all that we could do to get our customers satisfaction, as serving our customers the way that exceeds their expectations is the main goal for the company.
Bait Al Dawaa
Bait Al Dawaa Pharmacy is a new name entering the pharmaceutical industry , with different concept , from the beginning we kept people at heart of our daily work, trying to help them to have a better life as healthy people means a healthy and happier community.
Baydan for general trading
We strive to deliver high standard healthy, food stuff to the Bahrain Market with best possible price. We strive to deliver high standard healthy, food stuff to the Bahrain Market with best possible price. Long partnership with the numerous suppliers worldwide along with an effective supply chain management and long experience in food trading business in the Bahrain.
Beautify - a dazzling array of body beauty products. Cutting-edge skin buds innovations. A sleek upscale innovative look. All why Beautify customers shall set to make waves in the specialty retail industry.
Beautify is more of a beauty source rich in its nutrients and innovative ingredients, thus its symbolic representation as a brand lies in its ability in understanding the desires of whoever seeks beauty in terms of natural skin therapy and products
With a foundation richly steeped in skin care experience, and a wealth of relationships with specialty retailers and shopping center developers alike, the Beautify Innovation store is poised to be one of the leading beauty retailers in the GCC region.
Bizhub is a Bahraini enterprise. It has been created to serve the B2B companies from different market segments, making it the first B2B online marketplace in Bahrain.

Bizhub founders look forward to helping businesses in selling online across borders.
Bridge Industrial Service
Bridge Industrial Services B.S.C (CLOSED) is an industrial services company which deliver the most effective fabrication and machining solutions that suits its clients needs.

we seek to maintain our pledge terms through hard work and dedication to the full commitment towards our customers and ourselves to the highest standard of integrity, honesty and excellence while providing the highest quality.
Daran is a registered company with the Ministry of Commerce in the Kingdom of Bahrain since May 2018 as a limited company (WLL) under Commercial Registration 122329-1. Daran is currently operating from Darkulaib in the Northern Governorate of Bahrain.

Daran offers experienced and comprehensive help for a wide range of business needs, and can help to work smarter and reach the customer goals. The professional services that Daran can offers are: Accounting, Business advisory, Marketing, Support schemes, Computer systems, Outsourcing, Investment search, Restructuring.
Dhaif Insurance Agency was formed in 1989 and today possessing a high standard business reputation, having strength of well-experienced and knowledgeable team of 30 staff members, who are always keen to deliver all type of insurance solutions and services to our clients in accordance with their needs and requirements, free of charge.
Daily Premium Foods
A premium choice for food supplies and catering in the region, the Daily Premium Foods is known for its stringent standards and reputation. Our solid partnerships with global brands are testament to this and we look forward to exciting relationships in the future.
Dar Fzam Holding
Dar Fzam offers a comprehensive suite of commercial real estate services to our clients, including commercial brokerage, real estate development, and facilities management services.
Dar Fzam team’s years of experience across these disciplines make us uniquely qualified to service all your commercial real estate needs, from initial design to ground-breaking, to the day we hand over the keys.
Darling Abaya W.L.L
A Bahraini abaya retail store with physical and online presence!
Dawoon Trading
Established in 2001 , Dawood Trading has made a name for itself in the list of top suppliers of in Bahrain. The supplier company is located in Hidd.
Design Mania
Design Mania is a design and animation studio located in Bahrain. They have a passion for discovering the personality in every pixel and crafting characterful elements for brands with big ideas. To learn more about them, please explore their offerings.
Welcome to eStationery, the home of quality stationery products and unmatched customer service, where shopping for various supplies is a pleasure rather than a chore. Because we know that in today’s stressful world, stationery shopping is sometimes overwhelming rather than pleasurable. Well, not anymore. No more chasing deals in store after store, getting lost in endless isles and carrying all the weight back to your home and or office. Now you can find anything online, so your stationery shopping can be easy, simple and fun, and on top of everything, accompanied by personalized customer service.

eStationery covers various stationery product needs for school, business and personal affairs, all within one user-friendly website. One simple click and have your supplies sent anywhere in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

We’re not just one big soulless corporation that aims to only satisfy a need. We offer you personalized customer service and we vow to treat every wish or doubt with our outmost dedication and care.
Escape Code Entertainment
Looking for a fun, rewarding, and non-lame team-building adventure in a city or town near you?

An experience that your employees, students, and volunteers will actually get excited about?

Of course you do—because productivity is directly related to a team’s energy and engagement outside of the office.

So build energy and engagement by breaking out of that boring office setting.

Break out of that traditional team building rut (no more trust falls) and join the next generation in team building experiences where office mates, classmates, and teammates all have a part to play. Book your next out-of-office adventure at Escape Code Entertainment.
Fasteners Air Conditioning
Fasteners Air Conditioning is an air conditioning maintenance company that provides all minor and major maintenance needs for split and window conditioners. They are located in Sitra, Bahrain.
Flamorah Accessories
A store specialized in selling a variety of high quality accessories at the lowest prices.
Galatasaray Gents Barber
Traditional Turkish Barber, We are friendly to all of our customer. We are one of the best barbers in Bahrain, our workers have a minimum of 25 years of experience so all of our barbers are trained professionally and to the best standards.
Glow by Nadhara Pharmacy W.L.L
Nadhara skin center is a dermatology, aesthetic and laser center established in 2019 in the kingdom of Bahrain.
The medical director, also the founder, of the center is Dr Mariam Baqi, a consultant Board certified dermatologist that has a wide experience and international reputation in the field.

Every member in the family of the Nadhara team is highly qualified to do her mission, starting from the general administrative director, to the reception team who are qualified to receive the patient and triage the visits and related issues, to the nurses who are trained to match the services offered internationally.
Our aim in Nadhara skin Center Is to present the medical sector in the Kingdom of Bahrain internationally to raise the name of our country.

Glow by Nadhara Pharmacy W.L.L, NADHARA SKIN CENTER
Nadhara skin center is a dermatology, aesthetic and laser center established in 2019 in the kingdom of Bahrain.
The medical director, also the founder, of the center is Dr Mariam Baqi, a consultant Board certified dermatologist that has a wide experience and international reputation in the field.

Every member in the family of the Nadhara team is highly qualified to do her mission, starting from the general administrative director, to the reception team who are qualified to receive the patient and triage the visits and related issues, to the nurses who are trained to match the services offered internationally.
Our aim in Nadhara skin Center Is to present the medical sector in the Kingdom of Bahrain internationally to raise the name of our country.
Gulf Power and Marine
Gulf Power & Marine has been continuously growing since its establishment in 1997, providing marine equipment and services in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (with headquarters in Al Khobar) as well as the entire Gulf Region. We have had the pleasure of attaining to the needs of our clients, who have retained as valued customers for years, due to their recognition of our attention to quality in both products and services. Providing to businesses in Marine Shipping, Fire Safety, Offshore Oil & Gas and Solar Power. Guided by the visionary management, innovation never stops with Gulf Power & Marine, with calculated risk taking and leadership, Gulf Power & Marine has been successfully diversifying into new markets, such as our new segment in Building materials and services.

Gulf Power and Marine is certified as ‘TUV NORD ISO 9001-2008’ And is approved internationally by ‘ABS’, ‘BV’, ‘Lloyd’s Register’, ‘DNV-GL’ and ‘RINA’.
Hamad Saleh Al Hawas Est.
Registered and accredited by government and private hospitals, clinics, Health Centers, and Drug stores of the Kingdom, the division has relations with trusted professionals, specialists, doctors, and medical personnel, who can insure the trust of intended customers. It promotes the best quality products with a decent price, as well as, excellent customer services by its energetic and reliable sales medical representatives.
Homix Trading
A Bahraini company established in 2020 specialized in smart home electronic equipment. Functioning through an online shop providing products sales and after sales support. 
I Cabinate
A national furniture line production factory firm is established with a solid foundation, with a high level of proficiency in the modern furniture of both homes and buildings. iCabinets provides expertise to reach the expectation of a high level interior design beyond the customer and investor mind, from acquisition, design and unique ideas through mind storming and designing to manufacturing to piece of furniture art placed in your home.

Our continued success is the result of our attention to detail, commitment to quality and to the owners’ needs regarding design, time-frame, and budget.
Innovation Medical Equipment is a leading medical equipment distributor and global hospital solution provider based in the Kingdom of Bahrain. We endeavor to be one of the most innovative and competitive companies in the region where we emphasize on efficiency in prompt implementation, servicing and consulting for the customers. We continue to bring new and innovative high-end medical products into the Gulf market. Equally, we analyze and adopt necessitated technologies to give greater benefit to healthcare institutions and hospitals.
ISMCO is the leading global, integrated security company, specialising in the provision of security services and solutions to customers. Our mission is to create material, sustainable value for our customers and shareholders by being the supply partner of choice in all our markets.
Idea Publicity & Advertising
Idea its publicity and advertising company has worked over the past years since it was founded in 2010 to provide integrated advertising services from design and printing and installation, where we adopt a working methodology based on advance planning and good preparation and hard work to provide and implement innovative ideas and advanced solutions to build a constructive strategic relationship with our clients to ensure continuity
Jaffar Ali Al Mabad Establishment, one of the most reputed building materials trading company in Bahrain, was established in 2007.

Since inception, we have focused on providing our customers with high quality products and seamless purchase experience, which helped us establish our dominant presence in the industry.

Our primary business activities include, Sale/trade of construction materials, hardware, Plumbing Supplies, Heating Equipment etc… Our company primarily deals with all kinds of construction materials such as Timber, Hard Tools, Sanitary Ware, Paints and all other construction related materials and tools.

Over the years, with our dedication towards our customers and our services, we were able to become one of the most reliable building materials suppliers in the kingdom. The products that we provide to our customers are carefully chosen by experts from some of the best suppliers and manufacturers in the world and comply with the quality norms in the industry. Over the years, we have supplied materials and tools to a wide variety of customer base and have received praises for the quality of our products and services associated.
Jarada Fish
Among the largest suppliers of Blue Swimming Crabs in the Middle East, the position is built on a comprehensive understanding of global customers and consumer needs. The aim is to achieve a robust market position and presence in all global markets with long-term potential for the products.
Kazaz General Trading delivers premium quality products and exceptional service to all clients. We target this by following a set of strict guidelines and the core direction administered to us by our manger. That is what makes us in the front as we became one of the leading companies in aluminum products in Bahrain.
Katana Torii
RAMEN and SUSHI restaurant that brings authentic taste of Japan to Bahrain. Featuring Japanese yakiniku cooking tables, sushi bar and authentic homemade chewy noodles with an addictive ramen broth.
Established in 2002, K-Link (Bahrain) has grown into one of the leading FMCG traders in the Kingdom of Bahrain. K-Link (Bahrain) represents 15 global brands that are represented in around 400 outlets locally.
Lala Bella
LalaBella is translation for passion, luxury and elegance in a creative way. We specialize in creating memorable event experiences in our one-stop-shop, as well as being a trend setter for bespoke Floral Arrangements, seasonal gift items, giveaways and high quality chocolates savories that serves corporates, individuals and beauty seekers.
Lulu Store

Lulu Store Company is a leading industrial supplier company in the Kingdom of Bahrain that established in 1970 in Manama. Lulu Road. Ever since, the company is one of the some 1600 SKF worldwide distributors and dealers.
Serving the various industries in the Kingdom of Bahrain by providing a range of critical industrial maintenance components. The company has been representing SKF, for the past more than thirty years. It has become a well-known, one stop shopping place for SKF items, including bearings, oil seals, lubricants, automotive parts, maintenance tools, Condition monitoring, Mechanical Services, Training and Industrial Consultation.
Lumen Arts
Lumen Arts - a lighting specialist in the Kingdom of Bahrain, established in the year 2009.
We encourage the idea of innovation in lighting, designing and consulting according to any project's needs, from commercial to residential.

Our design department is an experienced and passionate group of Lighting Designers, Interior Designers, Architects and Project Managers, that depend on integral methodology which relies on the relationship it creates with clients, offering an experience built on trust, honesty and common interest.

We are here in the lighting industry for the past 10 years and we have worked with number of clients to light up their dream in an innovative way. Our work includes, cultural - heritage sites, hotels, offices, retail shops, mosques, educational centers, banks, sport facilities and restaurants.. you name it !

We also pride ourselves on providing premium systems and components of electrical installations for both domestic and industrial applications. Our extensive range of products include plugs, sockets, isolators, weatherproof switches, switch gears and a range of other products.​

As a leading lighting company, we’ve created unique and innovative lighting schemes for a range of famous commercial and residential projects in Bahrain and in various countries throughout the GCC such as Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Kuwait, Qatar and Oman since 2009. We are amongst all, the top lighting consultancy in the Kingdom of Bahrain.​

​We use modern and advanced methodologies to satisfy your needs and serve you better.
MS Universal Steel Trading W.L.L.
Universal Steel Trading, to sell as a steel trader to the steel distributors in Bahrain. UNIVERSAL business strategy became an industrial distributor for pipe, valves and fittings in PR and the Caribbean market.

Mezayen Kitchen
Mezayen Kitchen is a restaurant located in Bahrain, serving a selection of Sandwiches, Arabic, Shawarma that delivers across Riffa Alshamali North Riffa.

Mukasarati Sweets and Nuts
Specialty roastery in Bahrain with 3 locations around the Kingdom

📍Saar Mall
📍Hala plaza
📍Amwaj Drive
Naderah Beauty Center
We believe that healthy hair is just as important as beautiful hair. Our mission has always been to improve the health of our client’s hair. We constantly research the latest quality products available in order to give you the best results.
Najam Plastic
Najam Plastics WLL, is a leading Wholesaler and manufacture of household items in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Najam Plastics strives to offers its customers, a diverse and comprehensive portfolio of superior quality household products.
Nay Contracting
We invest heavily in understanding the client requirements and work closely to provide viable construction solutions that can be completed with the stipulated time and budget constraints.

Our maintenance tasks ensures that ACs are routinely checked. Maintenance of electrical equipment by keeping in consideration all safety rules and measures and commercial and residential plumbing.

We provide both indoor or outdoor pool maintenance services, whether it’s through reactive or planned pool maintenance. Our expertise can assist you in repairing the pool and providing quick and reliable service every time.
Nooh Pharmacy
Nooh Pharmacy located in Bilad Alqadeem, Karzakan, and Buri.

The pharmacy is located and it matches the ideal picture of a community retail pharmacy. We have plans to open other pharmacy in other locations.

Nooh pharmacy store will be involved in the retailing of prescription drugs and over-the-counter drugs. We will also be involved in the sale of beauty products, cosmetic, medical equipment, baby products, convenience foods and other related products.

We are in retail pharmacy business to retail a wide range of pharmaceuticals for our customers, at the best prices they can get anywhere in the kingdom of Bahrain. Our employees are well trained and qualified to handle the wide range of customers that are positioned to serve. We will engage in the sale of prescriptions at reduced prices at both the counter and online order.

Nooh Pharmacy will operate 18 hours, 7 days a week pharmaceutical store. We shall also have customers like; walk – in customers and social media order customers. Our work force is going to be well trained to operate within the framework of our company’s corporate culture and also to meet the needs of all our customers.

Nooh Pharmacy Store will ensure that all of our customers given first class dispensing whenever they visit our pharmacy. We have a CRM software that will enable us manage a one to one relationship with our customers no matter how large the numbers of our customers’ base grows.

Posbank is a global leading provider of Point of Sale solutions. We offer a wide range of POS terminals, touchscreen monitor, peripherals and POS software for hospitality and retail industries. By focusing on investment in innovative POS system and custom solutions, we achieve customer satisfaction with best-in-class products and service.
Pan Arab WLL
Pan Arab Company is committed to meet international quality as well as any local or regional codes and be among the top contractor/manufacturer in the local and international market.
Paramed Trading
Paramed Trading has an unrivalled reputation for technical innovation in Ambulance manufacturing and Emergency Medical Equipment trading.

Paramed enjoys facilities and opportunities in the developed Bahrain, to offer the very best value available. It's ability to meet the demand for Customized Ambulances and Specialized Vehicles is unprecedented.
Pet Arabia
et Arabia WLL was founded in 2009 to fill a huge gap in Bahrain's market; the supply of quality pet products and merchandise. It was a gap we noticed when trying to keep our own furry friends happy, healthy and protected. So, armed with the intention to raise the bar in Bahrain's domestic pet industry, we set about achieving our goals. And we did. Now we've decided to expand…

Today we offer the entire GCC, as well as the wider world, a plethora of top quality products and services. Basically, we're in this game to make sure everybody and anybody's beloved animal gets the best of the best and that you get great value for money as our products measure up to the highest of international standards and can outlast anything else you might find on today's market.

In a nutshell, we were Bahrain's first quality pet store and now we're even better! We have grown from being a one-stop-shop to offering six convenient locations where Bahrain's pet owners can choose from a wide variety of pet products and services. And now, we provide our supplies to the rest of the world via the GCC's most comprehensive online portal for pet products and supplies.
Pets Home
At Pets Home we don’t just look at ‘storing’ pets for sale. Our commitment is way beyond that. With over a decade of experience in pet care and trained staff. We look at providing the utmost care for the pets and a comfortable habitat for them. We do our best to create a ‘second home’ for the pets we have in our care.
Plastico Bahrain W. L. L
Plastico Barain have a state of the art workshop that operates at maximum efficiency. We use some of the best equipment and specialists in the field, which ensures quality and reliability in all of our pipes works. We are now capable of providing our services to all our clients, irrespective of the size or make of the pipes products. Over the years, we have grown to become one of the rusted names in the plastic industry in the country. We come highly recommended by our suppliers, manufacturers, traders etc.
Pure Contracting CO. S.P.C
Pure Contracting is managed by a team of committed professionals with a wealth of knowledge gained from over 20 years working in the demolition and hazardous materials industries.
Roast SPC
Roast Cafe is a restaurant located in Bahrain, serving a selection of Breakfast that delivers across Bu Kowarah and Al Janabiyah.
Their best selling dishes are Long Black, Iced Spanish Latte, Ginger Bomb and Brownies, although they have a variety of dishes and meals to choose from, like Coffee, Coffee, Juices and Cakes.
Roma City General Trading
Roma City General Trading is the top Bahrain supplier in building materials with an extensive production and distribution network across the country. We supply a comprehensive range of standard, premium, high performance and decorative materials. We supply aggregates covering the most commonly used products in addition to a wide variety of standard and specialty materials.
Sanya Fashions is a retail fashion store operating in the Kingdom of Bahrain since 2012. We pride ourselves in offering a high-quality selection of fashion items for Men, Women, and Kids at competitive rates. The term ‘Value Clothing’ defines what we offer our customers, high-quality items at low prices, adding value to their purchase.

We work tirelessly to offer our customers the latest fashion trends, and with new items coming into our stores daily, we guarantee you will always find something that suits your style!
Safeway Food Industries Co. W.L.L
We manufacture light crackers of excellent quality with a distinctive taste. Our products are like Mix nuts, puffed corn, and snacks
Sam's Vape
Sam's Vape is a premium vape brand established in the kingdom of Bahrain. Sam's Vape produces a wide range of mouthwatering and unique e-liquids well-known for their top quality and consistency.

Since establishment, Sam's Vape became a trendsetter and market leader in manufacturing E-liquids.

Secure Net
Secure Net started as a Systems Integrator specialized in IT Service Management, IT Infrastructure, IT Consultation, Professional Services, Managed Services and Outsourcing Services. Secure Net is also a niche cyber security provider working with leading vendors and offers unique solutions gain a forewarning information about any potential threat is being prepared

We are a proud family of more than 50 members with proven expertise in technology and management who always concur on standards when it comes to providing quality and maintaining customer relationships. Today, we cherish strong relationships with many renowned customers and partners, and are steadily making a footprint all over the Kingdom.

Our technology experts leverage a proven methodology and deep partner relatio nships with leading manufacturers to create environments that are orchestrated, automated, managed and secured.
Sitra Meat Factory
Sitra meat Factory the leaders on KINGDOM of Bahrain in field of meat processing and production line .
We provide Meat, Sea Food, Appetizers, BBQ, Chicken, And Buchtery.
Tariq Ishaq Alkooheji & Sons
“TIKCO”, is a Bahraini company founded by Mr. Tariq Ishaq Al-Kooheji in 2011, After many years of practical experience resulting from partnerships in multiple sectors with international companies in Bahraini, Saudi and other global markets. The direction of the company was determined by its management, thereby creating its own market share in multiple sectors. The company can, as such, cover an important part of the requirements of both the Bahraini and Saudi markets in the real estate, F&B, agricultural, and commercial sectors. It is run according to the highest professional standards that meet the aspirations of the public and achieve the company’s vision to provide distinguished services with international quality.
Thamer for Electrical Tools
Thamer for Electrical Equipments is recognized as one of the most reliable distributors and wholesalers of electrical products in Bahrain. Our wide range of electrical products includes Aluminium Terminal Ends, Miniature Indicating Lamps, Compression Terminal Lugs, PVC Heat Shrinkable Sleeves and PVC Cable Channels. Specializing in switchgear related products and panel board accessories, we have been serving to many industries including private as well as government sector.
The Loft
The Loft General Trading is a multi-purpose retail outlet, owned by a sole proprietor, that is loaded with upscale brands from all over the world. The business is focused on importing mainly high quality products to sell directly to end-user customers. Although our sister company exists as a wholesaler of kitchenware items, The Loft General Trading itself is divided into different categories, and these include: kitchenware, homeware, children items, garden, accessories, beauty, electronics, giftware, and stationary. It will extend towards a more diverse range of products in the retail spectrum, as it is a one stop shop that delivers in all aspects of consumers daily wants and needs.
The Lounge Serviced Offices
From high-end executive offices to virtual offices; The Lounge Serviced Offices Company is a provider of first class serviced office facilities and virtual office solutions. Developed exclusively to provide a differentiated, high-end, sophisticated and functional business environment, offering cutting-edge business facilities at
competitive rates.

At The Lounge Serviced Offices, customer service is the number one priority to provide all of our clients with the facilities and support that they need to ensure their business succeeds.
Van Ghogh
Since its inception in 2003 in kingdom of Bahrain, it progress an excellent system starting with Architectural Design and Interior Design solutions. The secret of their success lies in creative thought and the creative design in terms of providing solutions in time and within the fixed budget.

As well as that, Van Gogh Designs is characterized as modern design and bold. It also possesses a section for the implementation of these charming ideas that fascinates the decor lovers with gypsum false ceiling and the color that reflects the pictures of creativity.
Wadi Al Salam Factory
Wadi Alsalam was established in 2009. The main core of the production is in Tissue, Plastic and Soap. And our main flagship brands of Huroof and Arkaam.
Wadi Alsalam factory produce and distribute a wide range of Tissue and our main production is Hygienic Facial Tissue. Recently, and part of continues development process, we have started producing a high quality Soap with a different flavors for home use. And also special a hand soap for hotels needs which we beautifully shaped it either squire or circle in different sizes which is customized as per the customer request. At the same period we have manufacturing a transparent plastic cup which especially for hot and cold drinks. We do concern our products are eco-friendly, safe smell less, beautiful appearance and high quality. Continuing to the development process we have started white and brown sugar packing which packed in small bags especially for restaurants and coffee shops.

Wadi Alsalam shows the flexibility of its production, proven by production design, shape, and quantity and delivery time as per the customer request and that gave our customers the specialties in of their brands which printed on their Tissue box’s which promoted in the supermarkets. And the commercial establishments, governments sectors and health centers also print their brands on our products which kept in their offices and centers. No exceptional for restaurants and café shops from branding their products as like plastic cups, sugar bags and refreshment wipes.

Also we have signed a distribution and international agencies for providing a home products as like cleaning tools, kitchen items and more. At the same time we are trading in cooking oil, sweet water other staff.
Yield For Accounting Services
Yield for Accounting Services (YAS) firm is dedicated to providing their clients with reliable, efficient and affordable accounting, bookkeeping and tax services that comply with all relevant laws, rules and regulations.
YAS provide full suite of professional accounting, bookkeeping and tax services to SME’s and start-up’s in the Kingdom of Bahrain.