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Flowbird Ltd
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Our philosophy is simple, start slowly and deal with the essential issues first. This ensures that we can get you operational as quickly as possible, with minimum impact on your business. Our scoping process divides your requirements into three key categories: 


  • What areas need to be dealt with as soon as possible; what are your biggest pains and what would be the biggest win for you right now. 


  • These are normally classified as 'nice to haves'. Things that will make life easier but really depend on timescales and budget. If timescale and budget are right for you now, we’ll include them in the initial implementation. If not, we’ll document them and review again once you go live.


  • What are your long term goals for your business? It's important to know where you want to go so that we can take these into consideration at the very beginning of the project. 

Now take a look at how we implement our projects:

Discovery or Scoping

  • "Know Though Self"  - it's important we understand where you are today and where you want to go and document the gaps. We use a mind mapping process to get to know you, your business, your requirements and your aspirations. This approach is extremely fluid and flexible and enables us to collect a lot of information very quickly. This normally takes place face-to-face or online using screen sharing software. We'll take you through the key areas with heads of departments and the management team.

Full Proposal

  • Once we've completed the scoping session we're in a position to provide a full and detailed proposal. Our aim is to keep things simple and get you up and running as quickly as possible. Unless absolutely essential, we recommend keeping any development to a minimum. This ensures the project stays on time and on budget. 


  • Once you decide to go ahead we will deploy the software, carry out the basic app configurations, import basic data and get the platform ready for configuration. 


  • This stage is based on the details obtained during the scoping session and will involve, screen design changes, creating new fields and tables, adding automated processes. 

User Acceptance Training (UAT)

  • The platform will now be at a stage where you can ‘play’ with software and provide feedback. You’ll have a daily one-hour session with one of our consultants to review this process, who will document your feedback. All of the relevant parts of the system need to be reviewed by you before going live. It’s not unusual for this feedback to request new features and functionality. These will be reviewed and if possible reviewed again after going live to ensure the project stays on track. 


  • Any changes following (UAT) will be carried out to the software. This runs concurrently with the UAT stage of the process. 


  • We split training by user type, admin and standard users and by functional requirements. Normally this takes place online as we can record the training sessions and forward these recording to you at the end of the training session. 

Go Live

  • On the day you go live we will be on hand all day, either remotely or on-site to help users with immediate issues, both technical and training issues. This ensures a smooth transition between the old system and the new one.  

Post Implementation

  • Once you go live, this isn’t the end of the project; this could be just the beginning. We’ll look in more depth at the Desirable and Future requirements and any additional requirements that surfaced during the implementation process.

On-going Service

Once your platform is fully operational it becomes important to look in more depth at your sales and marketing processes. Over the years we have developed a concept called the Perfect Sales Lifecycle, which ensures that leads are nurtured and customers retained. 

Welcome to the Flowbird Perfect Sales Lifecycle

The perfect sales cycle consists of 8 key stages that unfortunately most companies continue to do manually and as a result, are losing time and money. The 3 key problems are lost traffic (not capturing enough website visitors), lost leads (not converting enough of the existing leads they already have) and lost customers (not retaining and growing their existing customers). 

Our process consists of 8 stages as follows: 


  1. New Lead Welcome Series

  2. Capture & Convert Series

  3. New Customer Welcome Series

  4. Referral Series

  5. Upsell Series

  6. CRM Review (Closed Loop)

  7. Long Term Nurture

  8. Lead Generation

You may have noticed that lead generation is the last stage. This is because we believe that if you look after what you already have (leads and customers) you can spend less time and money on lead generation. We also believe that you should maximise your existing leads and customers before spending more on lead generation

The goal is to increase the conversion at each stage of the sales process by 10%, so once fully implemented the compound increase in sales could reach 33% increase in sales. The goal is to build the perfect customer sales cycle, ensuring that every lead, prospect and customer is managed professionally and does not fall through the gaps. 

The Perfect Customer Lifecycle

The planning stage involves looking at your sales process, from converting visitors to your website through to up-selling existing customers and asking for referrals. 

The Perfect Customer Lifecycle helps paint a picture of your overall marketing campaign. A well-developed lifecycle shows your communication touchpoints with a customer through seven key stages of interaction with your business:

Convert Sales (New Lead Welcome Series)

This series is fundamental to building a relationship with your new lead. You need to establish a relationship and help the new lead understand what you are about and more importantly how you can help them solve their particular problem. The New Lead Welcome series is designed to nurture the lead using email and where possible SMS messages. Most companies give up too early if the lead doesn’t express an immediate need, letting the lead go cold. At every stage of this series aim to get the lead to engage with you, either by downloading more information from you or engage with your sales process. 

If at the end of this series the lead still hasn’t gone further, then they are moved onto the Long Term Nurture Series so that contact can be maintained for as long as possible. 

Capture Leads (Capture & Convert Series)

If a customer buys on their very first trip to your site, great! However, chances are, if the majority of your traffic was doing that, you would not be needing our help, would you? 

What is happening to those that do not purchase? Before they float away, get valuable information you can use to market to your prospects by placing a form in front of your compelling content, like ebooks. Keep in mind the offer must have value, whether informational or monetary (i.e. coupons) for a lead to part with their email. Also, forms should never be mind-numbingly long.

To help overcome this problem, we will initially replace auto-responders behind every existing form on your website. At the same time, we will create 3 landing pages which address 3 key problems your company can solve with the aim of converting more traffic to leads. Each landing page will consist of 3 follow up emails and then if this is a new lead, will be migrated onto the New Lead Welcome Series. 

Deliver & WOW! (New Customer Welcome Series)

You have assured your customer that you are the best to do business with, now prove it. Be on time, meet deadlines, and offer discounts on future purchases. Fantastic service is your best marketing tool. A welcome onboard campaign can enhance the relationship, provide additional information and overcome buyer’s remorse. This is also an opportunity to ensure that everything is okay and any problems are dealt with quickly and efficiently.

Get Referrals (Referral Series)

We are all the more likely to do business with someone we are introduced to through a mutual acquaintance. This process can go viral with review sites allowing reviewers to connect despite different social networks. Solicit reviews and referrals instead of waiting to get feedback. Always make the effort to thank referrals appropriately. We build a referral process that bypasses the sales person's reticence to ask directly.

Upsell Customers

Most of us know that 80% of profits come from the top 20% of customers. Not surprisingly, repeat customers reduce marketing costs and have the potential to be lifelong patrons. Do not neglect the relationship you took so long to build. Check-in from time to time and offer new services or relevant specials via automated emails. We will look to build upsell and cross-sell campaigns to grow your revenue.

CRM Management

Now that the majority of the campaigns are in place it’s now time to look inward at your sales process and the way you handle the hot prospects and customers. Automation can only do so much and the human element is critical to the success of this programme. Is your sales pipeline clean and easy to understand? Are you easy to buy from and can you follow up quickly with rapid turnaround of proposals and queries? This part of the process could be the first thing we look at but most clients want to get going quickly so we leave this to the end. 

Long Term Nurture

“Nurturing” customers and leads means keeping the lines of communication open, building a relationship until the prospect is ready to buy. After all, according to research by The Annuitas Group, nurtured leads make 47% larger purchases than non-nurtured leads. Keep in mind that appropriate timing and personalisation keep the recipient from feeling spammed. The campaign should maintain regular contact but notify the sales team as soon as a long-term prospect expresses interest.

Every month we will produce and send a (double) email to all contacts in the Long Term Nurture list inside the marketing automation platform. This can include leads, customers and advocates of your company. We will also report every month the success or not of each campaign. Each email will consist of 4-5 different articles, pulled from different online sources that are felt to be relevant to your contacts. This is a managed service except for monthly approval from yourselves.

Attracting Traffic

Most people see attracting more traffic as the first step, however, this is generally the most expensive part of the process and it is important to ensure that the sales process is rock solid first. By doing this, every contact is handled correctly and nothing falls through the gaps and is lost. 

Developing a robust online presence through your site is the crux of great content marketing! Feature fresh blog posts and white papers to make yours a trusted site for potential customers and search engines.

Still, need more traffic? A great short-term strategy is PPC or pay-per-click in which small ads featured on the search engines or websites line up your product with a surfer’s need or page content. 

Two great options are outlined below.

Google AdWords – Google is the simplest and most well-known platform for PPC advertising. 

Simply bid on keywords relevant to your business and pay only if someone clicks on your ad. The price you pay is based on search volume, competition and your quality score (which takes into consideration relevance, click-through rates and site speed). Ads are served at the top or right-hand side of search results.

Facebook Ads – Where Google targets ads based on search intent, Facebook allows you to hyper-target by demographics, location, interests, postcode and more. Sponsored Ads are displayed on the right.

As a company Flowbird does not offer this service, however, we appreciate that it is a vital part of the business. With this in mind, we will work closely with your existing SEO or PPC agency (if you don’t already have an agency we can recommend one) to help with the capture and management of incoming traffic.


Flowbird Ltd
Flowbird Ltd
How can we help? Our aim as a company is to help you achieve your goals and ambitions in your business. We work with you to understand your requirements and our simple structure will ascertain your specific requirements. We break this into 3 key areas, Essentials, Desirables and Future. Please give us a call on 01233 743240 and let's go on a journey together. Ask for Jason or Rebecca.