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Eiffel Group

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Eiffel Group
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USA - Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika
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The following list of steps illustrates our process in providing you with the best services and support to bring confidence knowing your information is efficiently used for effective competitive differentiation:

Business Analysis

1 - Intake 

    Initiating the conversation

2 - Discovery

    We become familiar with your various business processes    

3 - Requirements gathering

    Becoming familiar with your demands

4 - Existing system audit and gap analysis

    Assessing your present operations and pinpointing areas of concern

5 - Solutions design

    Presenting our concept addressing your demands 

6 - Project plan

    Our processes including costs and milestones 


1 - Environment setup and management

    Implementing Odoo components adhering to your requirements

2 - Configuration

    Applying Odoo to your business needs and workflows

3 - Customization

    We will integrate Odoo per your specifications

4 - Data migration
    Working with you to seamlessly transfer your data to your new Odoo platform

5 - 3rd party interface

    Integrating other business applications with Odoo

6 - Testing

    Ensuring everything is functioning properly and meeting your specifications


1 - User acceptance

    Ensuring your team is pleased and comfortable with the changes

2 - Training

    Teaching you and your staff to properly use Odoo and its components

3 - Go live

    Launching the new platform

4 - Technical Training

    Learning how to adapt custom modules based on your own specifications

5 - User Training

    Learning how to most effectively work with Odoo

Still can’t decide? Reach out to us and we’ll discuss it together. Looking forward to hearing from you!

Our Clients


Orange is a multinational company and a major player in the telecommunication
industry. It operates in more than 25 countries around the world and has more than 260 millions customers.


The United Nations is an international governmental organization. It aims to maintain peace and security across the globe, as well as defending human rights and promoting sustainable development, among other missions.


UNESCO stands for United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. It is an agency of the United Nations in charge of promoting peace through collaboration in education, science and culture.


La Poste is a postal service company. Apart from its postal services, it has entered other businesses such as insurance, banking or mobile telephony.

ASSUR.COM is a search engine for French insurance products that helps customers to define their needs through a simple and intuitive questionnaire and suggests them a customized list of products that could correspond to their expectations.

TASTE.IO is a website and a mobile application designed to provide movie and TV reviews and recommendations according to your taste.


Bollore Logistics is the subsidiary in charge of transport and logistics of the French conglomerate Bollore Group. Its main operating market is Africa, but it provides services worldwide.


Safran Electronics is an entity of Safran Group, a high tech European company leader in electronics, optronics, avionics and critical software. It provides high tech solutions in electronics, with civil and military applications.


Vinci is a conglomerate operating in more than 100 countries. It is a world leader in concessions and engineering, as well as the largest private construction company in the world by revenue (2019).


Dzmitry Skrabets
Dzmitry Skrabets
Altoros Systems is a software development company that provides products and services for the Cloud Foundry platform.