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E-Sustavi doo
E-Sustavi doo Certified v13
Službeni Odoo Enterprise partner za Republiku Hrvatsku
e-Sustavi d.o.o. je hrvatska IT tvrtka, osnovana 2008. godine specijalizirana za uvođenje i integraciju suvremenih i modernih programskih rješenja za poslovanje.
Naše usluge i rješenja omogućavaju tvrtkama digitalizaciju svih svojih poslovnih procesa sa kompletnim lokaliziranim IT rješenjima za poslovanje u Hrvatskoj i inozemstvu.
Development, implementation, optimization and support of business solutions. Together with our partners, we will ...
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Servisi RAM d.o.o.
Servisi RAM d.o.o. Certified v13
Službeni Odoo Enterprise partner za Republiku Hrvatsku

Servisi RAM d.o.o. is a full IT service company. Over a decade our team has helped many companies in their digital transformation. We prefer quality over quantity so we are fully dedicated to every project. Because no two companies are alike, our goal is to bring unique solutions for every business. We started with Odoo as an end-user and quickly realized that good software is what we missed all those years, and we had big expectations. Our ...
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InfoDom d.o.o.
InfoDom d.o.o. Certified v12
InfoDom Ltd has been for more than twenty years one of the leading Croatian software and IT consulting companies, that has the highest certified partnership status with world’s leading technology principals: IBM, Microsoft, Oracle and Odoo. The company focuses on services for strategic governance and digital transformation of public administration and businesses as well on services for integration of ICT solutions. ...
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Smart Code D.O.O
Smart Code D.O.O Certified v13
Smart Code is a mobile and Odoo development team that joins highly skilled IT professionals and developers with the newest technology and hands-on experience to create innovative, practical and exciting apps and solutions. We utilize everything these areas have to offer in order to develop solutions that are built on the specific needs of our clients.
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amondi Media d.o.o.
amondi Media d.o.o.
amondi Media is a German and Croatian IT company focused on creating innovative and effective solutions for our clients in the fields of e-commerce, web design and web apps.
By partnering with Odoo, we hope to introduce our clients and partners to the latest IT solutions which will help grow and develop their businesses.