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BI Solutions L.L.C

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BI Solutions L.L.C
11 Yousef Al-Jindi st., Bab Al-Louq

BI Solutions offers guidance to its customers on determining their business requirements and reaching out to the best solutions to the current and the upcoming challenges. Our experts will aid them by investigating the business situations, pinpointing and analyzing the improvement opportunities in their business, defining the needs and maintaining the competent use of technology in achieving exceptional performance. We provide our customers with the utmost benefits from Digital Transformation so as to boost their business and achieve the desired success.


We create, innovate functional solutions & products for all stages of life for better Health, Nutrition, Fitness & Wellness.
Our Philosophy: Life is a gift, deserves ourselves to seek, innovate and create new health solutions for better healthy life & wellness.
Our Vision: To be the 1st leading sustainable business corporate in MENA with fully integrated solutions provides to our community Health, Nutrition, Fitness & Wellness.
Our Mission: We create, innovate functional solutions & products for all stages of life for better Health, Nutrition, Fitness & Wellness.
Our Values:
1- Leadership: having the vision to inspire others and continuously leading by model.
2- Innovation: is translating an idea into a solution or product that satisfy customer need.
3- Diversity: diverse perspectives combined with shared goals to inspire new ideas and better ways of addressing opportunities.
4- Quality: is our unwavering commitment to meet the highest quality standards at all aspects of our business.
5- Passion: is our dedication and focus on the development of all our business aspects to create valuable results.
6- Agility: is a rapid and flexible systematic orderly fashioned response to change.
Firnas Shuman
Firnas Shuman
Firnas Shuman provides consulting and technical services to those who plan, build, own, and operate power generation and transmission infrastructure projects in Africa, the Middle East, and Asia. We provide our services through one of the three divisions: Consulting for Power Projects, Resource Measurement, and Environmental and Social Compliance. We have been involved in over 10,000 MW of power generation capacity in over thirty countries.
October for plastic pipes
October for plastic pipes
Hebeish Group is the mother company to 4 subsidiary companies each specialized in a specific area which collectively complement each other. Collectively the companies provide customers with a full HDPE piping (pipes, fittings and welding machines) & hoses solutions, that we produce according to the German standards.

Our products range from high density polyethylene (HDPE) piping systems for Pressure, Drainage, Cable Protection, and Micro Ducts to polyvinyl chloride (PVC) hoses. We complement our range by being the official distributors for Ritmo Italian HDPE pipe welding machines, NTG HDPE PE 100 injection fittings, Akatherm Netherlands special and GAO China GRP manhole covers.

Our Vision is to aim at raising the quality of potable, sewage networks and waste water treatments in Egypt and North Africa, hence improving the living conditions. That is, through a full- fledged service from the pipes to all the welding and technical support that might be needed for our customers to achieve the best results for their projects.
Egyptian design duo siblings Aya and Mounaz Abdelraouf launched their brand Okhtein – meaning, appropriately, “sisters” in Arabic – because of their vision to bring true luxury back to their home country as well as drawing international attention to the inherent refinement of Egyptian artisanship,sensing a gap in the market for true luxury accessories produced in Egypt. Launched in 2014, Okhtein seeks to set new trends, promoting Egyptian artistry as well as presenting new designs to the world.

Okhtein stands apart as a luxury brand that is truly committed to supporting the cultural value of Egyptian craftsmanship and to giving back to those in need while promoting innovative, cutting-edge design on an international scale.
United food industries (Shenouda Lamei Shenouda)
United food industries (Shenouda Lamei Shenouda)
United Food Industries has been in the bakery and pastry market for the past 25 years. With the help of our clients, by sharing their technical issues and needs, we have developed a wide range of pastry preparations that are tailored to their requirements and working conditions.

Our success was achieved by the help and trust of our clients that lead us to develop our current range. The company was founded by the year 1990 as a blending facility for dairy stabilizer systems.

UFI was the first blending facility in Egypt to serve the Ice cream and dairy manufacturers through its balanced functional blends. Reaching a 70% market share, UFI decided to grow into an even more challenging sector and started its bakery preparations business by the year 1998.

UFI is now the leading pastry and bakery ingredients company in Egypt and the Middle East.