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Re: [odoo12] How to hide menu action report Customer but show in Vendor

- 27.05.2019 05:24:32
I think you can do it using fields_view_get method.

You can take reference from the following code:

    def fields_view_get(self, view_id=None, view_type='form', toolbar=False, submenu=False):
        context = dict(self._context)
        res = super(Purchase, self).fields_view_get(view_id=view_id, view_type=view_type,
                                                    toolbar=toolbar, submenu=submenu)
        if res and view_type in ['tree', 'form'] and context.get('default_type') != 'purchase':
            # Remove reports if its not Purchase Order
            for report in ['module_name.report_1', 'module_name.report_2']:
                reports = self.env.ref(report, raise_if_not_found=False)
                for rec in res.get('toolbar', {}).get('print', []):
                    if rec.get('id', False) in reports.ids:
                        del res['toolbar']['print'][res.get('toolbar', {}).get('print').index(rec)]
        return res

This is the code I used on v10 to remove the report from one menu and show it in another menu for a similar object. I am not sure about v12 but you can give it a try.

On Mon, May 27, 2019 at 2:48 PM Saran Limpajitkutaporn <> wrote:
Hello all,

We are trying to create action report in account.payment that Customer and Vendor using same account.payment but I want to hide menu action in Customer and show menu action in Vendor only. In odoo12 has any method to do that?

<report string="Payment Voucher"
            print_report_name="'PV - [%s]' % object.display_name"/>

Saran Limpajitkutaporn

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