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Re: How to deal with "ghosts" models

- Intranusa - ( Temporary )
- 11.03.2015 22:43:38

Hi, Congrat Mr Manuael, a YEAR-long in production stage under V8, means for me your odoo has been achieved a significant level in stability, even followed with some minor anomalies. At least, your achievment can be as a SIGNAL to start to my friends, their leads & prospectives to begin MASSIVE migration plan from other ERP brands to odoo V8.

Could you please info me based of your experiences :

1. What's to do and anything need special take care? Especially for new/upgrade modules/addons

2. Is that any facilities on "DB Cleaner" tools, to simulate what tables will be deleted or touched?

3. Still unclear, with your words, DESTROYED MY DB? It means you get what do you want successfully, or the odoo become in uncertain state?

4. What standart official modules you are using?

Many thanks in advanced for your info & comments. Anything comments would be appreciated.


On Mar 12, 2015 3:42 AM, "Manuel Vázquez" <> wrote:
Hi Stefan,

I tried once the db cleaner....  It so powerful I destroyed my DB...

So I need to truly study the ir_* tables and their relations to know
what to delete.


Le 09/03/15 06:42, Stefan a écrit :
> On 08-03-15 00:29, Manuel Vázquez wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> I'm maintaining a year-long running DB.  We have gone through several
>> updates.
> Hi Manuel,
> try our module database_cleanup
> ( We
> created it to remove obsolete references such as the one you mention
> after migrations between major versions using OpenUpgrade.
> Regards,
> Stefan
>> At the end of an upgrade I notice several messages like this one:
>> 2015-03-07 17:40:27,691 14481 WARNING mercurio openerp.modules.loading:
>> Model export.xml is declared but cannot be loaded! (Perhaps a module was
>> partially removed or renamed)
>> Do I need to write a migration for this?  Or can I use a standard tool?
>> Best regards,
>> Manuel.

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