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Re: Resources for PBL

Iván Oña
- 07.01.2015 07:25:56
Buenos días.
Justamente yo tengo su caso similar, hablo español, y también deseo de favor me compartan recursos en español.

2015-01-07 5:02 GMT-05:00 Josemi Andonegi <jmandonegi@fpbidasoa.org>:
Hi teachers:

I am new using Odoo and I would like to use it in a subject related to MRP.

I would like to work with my students and I would like to "solve" little problems (create the BOM, the manufacturing routes, launching a Manufacturing Order, ....).

I would like to save these little problems, so that we can share them with other teachers, so I have some doubts:

  • Witch format do you recommend me fr the export? I think the best is exporting as csv, but I would like to hear from other people's experiences.
  • Has anybody similar resources? The tutorials for teachers are great, and I think it would be good to generate some complementary materials with cases and tasks for students.
  • Has anybody material in Spanish? I would like to get in contact with Spanish spoken teachers to share materials.


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