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[V9.0] hr_timesheet issue

Arjan Duijs
- 14.04.2016 13:26:41
Hi All,
I have an issue with timesheets. I am trying to add weekly hours for an employee.
The user i am doing this with is a HR manager.

When i go to employee, select the employee and go to his timesheet.
I click NEW and enter a specific time period.
Add a line of the project/analytic account,  enter the hours the employee has worked on it and press SAVE.

the result is that none of the hours have been registered and all say 0:00 hours.

however when i do the same for my current user, its nicely recorded.

see attachments.

I have done a clean install of the demo data and ONLY enabled timesheets. It shows the same behavior there.
you can add your own hours through the menu link timesheet.

but you cant add hours for other employees by going to:   employees -> employee -> timesheet
that will result in the earlier send screenshots.

Are you experiencing the same behavior?