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Re: Re: Recommendations for POS hardware

Akretion, Sebastien Beau
- 03.12.2014 08:39:40
Yes I talk to them about why not using flask (or bottle or whatever), they tell me that they want to use odoo in order to install easily module for new driver (they want to use their app plateform). I understand them. But for me it's not an enough value. I am already working on an easy way to integrate custom extension (basically just installing additionnal deb package)

2014-12-03 9:56 GMT+01:00 yuntux <>:
This project is lighter than the official one. This is very sexy but it will require time to maintain it up to date over the months... no so much but its another thing to do...

Did you ask to OpenERP SA why they have chosen this heavy architecture ? Do they plan to use any server-side components during the printing process in future versions ? What do they think about your solution ?