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Re: Search Menu Styling/ layout

Fabien Pinckaers
- 01.12.2014 16:43:26


This is actually what we do since the SaaS is upgraded every month/every two months with the new features. We have thousands of users there; we gather feedback from our service team and we process around 1500 tickets per month. (900 by email, 600 in live chats)

So, we get feedback from SaaS customers months before a stable release allowing us to improve the software before a major release is published. (As an opposite to v7, v8 was clean the day we launched it due to this)

We also do a lot of user testing with people that do not know Odoo. Sometimes new comers have better feedback that experts. They may notice things we don't see ourselves.

Sometimes a feature requires a so big refactoring that we do it in several iterations and the first iteration is a step forward but not a final version. That was the case for search (as well as mass mailing, survey and a few parts of the website builder).

People may think we are wrong, but it is just that we need more time/version to do the whole refactoring. So we need intermediate iteration. For example, we did the search/reporting refactoring in two steps: 1/ code cleaning supporting all needed features (pivot table, favorites, custom filters...) and 2/ UI and clean design. Unfortunately, v8 was between step 1 and step two but we had no other option as we needed 4 months more after v8 to finish step 2.

Developing features on the stable rather than master is not possible as we usually do huge code refactoring not possible on a stable. And the features usually depends on others features available in master only. (E.g. improvement in the framework) Developing on stable would mean we need to do the job two times.

Our main issue is not to gather more feedback but to improve productivity to evolve faster. In this perspective, back porting features is not interesting as it would be against our productivity. (And v9 will be there in just a few months, that's not so long. We are not talking in years.)


On Dec 1, 2014 9:17 PM, "Markus Schneider" <> wrote:
Hi Lionel,

i want to make a suggestion and hope you will be discussing it in the UX

So Usability is always a process and it is heavily on have test result,
getter user feedback and try to find the test solution. As you and we
(Fabien talks always about the community) build together this great open
source product lets use the power of the community.

So to make a UX test, just build a module that changes the current
stable release. Publish it to community or even a small part of us and
use the survey module (of course from odoo) to getter feedback. The best
solution goes to next stable release.

I can promise you i will install your test on my customer systems and
collect the feedback.

So the benefits are clear:
- you get feedback fast, not only on release and need one release later
to fix it
- reduce the risk that in stable release their such a bug UX-Issue like
we current have with the filter box
- we have a better product at the end

What do you think?

Kind Regards


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