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Re: RFQ: Advise on a Business Scenario for Odoo 10 CE Multi-Company/Operations - Multi-Website

twanda AG, Ermin Trevisan
- 04.05.2017 02:38:59

Very interesting.

Maybe I provide some more information to explain the situation better:

My general setup is that the customer has no admin access to his database and no website designer access. The customer has only website editor access for products, events, jobs, forum and blogs. I'm designing the website (all static content) for the customer. It should be possible to launch and manage marketing campaigns with linktracker for each operation separately, but also to do the same for the whole company using the leads, contacts and addresses of all operations. It should be possible to set up a website for the legal, non-operative company too allowing for cross-operations marketing activities and cross-operation products and services, such as coupons etc, but that's second priority.

Actually I'm in discussion with 3 potential customers:

Case 1:

1 legal entity, 2 restaurants and a catering service, which has no website yet. All 3 operations have different product and website product categories. One restaurant has 2 floors and 2 POSes, the other restaurant has 1 floor and 1 POS. The websites to be replaced are and It should be possible to set up a website for the catering operation.

Case 2:

1 Wine- and Tapas-Bar and an online wine shop, plus an outdoor restaurant and an member association (wine club). Many of the wines of the wine shop are sold in the wine bar, but there are also wines available in the wine bar which are not sold in the wine shop. The websites to be replaced are and,, Members of the wine club should be accessible for marketing activities for all 3 operations and the wine club should be able to access leads and customers of the operations for marketing activities.

Case 3:

1 Hotel and 2 public restaurants. Hotel guests should be able to consume in the restaurant and be billed on their hotel folio (using Serpent's Hotelmanagement modules).

Does this help to get recommendations on the way to go?

Thanks, trevi

On 04.05.2017 01:11, Axel Mendoza Pupo wrote:
For me it will always more easily to do it all in the same database, distributed stuffs are very useful in several scenarios but in Odoo can be tricky. We have done some implementations that involve that kind of features but the synchronization and consolidation was not the primary target besides it was included too. We have used 2 approaches for get the goal: Sync and Async ways to handle remote data. The Sync one was using direclty an xmlrpclib wrapper module to code for the remote db like if it's there locally and maintaining remote odoo connections credentials. this sync approach was needed due to we use different odoo instance with different addons_path, if you have different odoo instances or the same but sharing the same addons_path then you could also use another technique that is to access the other databases like if they were locally by creating a env(pool) of that database and code like it where your local thread database also calling methods on models and doing any kind of crazy stuffs without the need of an xmlrpc connection. For the Async way to do stuffs, more automatically we used Rabbit MQ as a persistent message queue where we could keep data updated in any number of Odoo Instance/databases and also execute remote models and also by specifying the channels we could be able to choose where the changes or executions will be happening
But again if you think that you could cover all the features in the same database, the multi-website is not crazy at all in the odoo v10, it just will need son views/templates duplications for every website to allow each one to have their own, and also check and fix the theme installer to only affect the website views needed and allow it to install multiple themes by associating them with the target website or something. I don't see the problem with multi-pos since you could create multiple companies, warehouses, users to configure the point of sale specifically for every config and each user could also have it's own point of sale associated to restrict others to use it or something

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