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Ads Script Ideas

Fabien Pinckaers (fp)
- 22.09.2016 16:35:11


We are preparing a series of ads inspired by the "Get a Mac" campaign:

Instead of PC vs Mac, it will be ERP vs Odoo. We thought it would be great to ask you ideas of scripts. We will produce the best ones.

So, if you have funny ideas, write and share your script here:

The firsts two scripts are example you can follow for the written style.

We have booked a camera man and two professional actors next Thursday. So, we hope to finish around 10 scripts for next Monday (Sept 26).

- focus more on the problems of ERP, rather than the benefits of Odoo
- Odoo does not criticize ERP, ERP usually emphasize his own problems himself
- the two guys are friends, and friendly (but competitors)
- avoid too many accessories (that will be our first video ad, we prefer to keep things simple)