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Re: Odoo vs Apache OFBiz?

Andi Becker
- 11.07.2016 07:12:01
Dominique you are absolutely right. The people here in that community like to follow Odoo no matter where the way goes but always in the hope that it is getting better, even they know that never happened until Odoo is existing.

It is simply worth to remind the people here that it was their decision not to make a community fork.
 The problem of forking is more a psychological problem as when Tryton did their fork they moved as a Team ;-)

Unfortunately those none Team members and individualists resided here like we! :-)

As a result you will have never a clear roadmap you can work on as Odoo S.A. does not communicate early their goals their steps etc. They usually present finished stuff and than the community has to cope with it if they like it or not.

"Now, nothing prevents you to start your own project, make friends and propose a road-map. Do you homework and speak when you have good news."

This communication might never happen as we here already realised that their is more an against towards progress in the community. And we are not alone with this fact!

Read only statements of some people here. They are so kindish when some people propose something so for what reason should they communicate their plans.

This is why I suggest building a DEMOCRATIC Association which leads Odoo Community Version and which will be able to unite the community of the old days again.

So lets be noisy as often we can be. Perhaps the community actually does not even know what is going on already in the community ;-) even the majority of it seems to close their eyes and be sleeping.


Enjoy your evening!