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Re: Can I use Odoo to build a SaaS business apps? Can Odoo support multiple subdomains?

Ermin Trevisan
- 26.04.2016 03:54:26
> yes, your recommendation is wise. There are few proven multi-tenant
> solutions maintained over time available and able to manage a
> reasonable number of contracts. I don't know how many environments are
> in production under clouder yet, but it is the most elaborated
> solution for a flexible solution.
> Nevertheless, despite what claims, you
> cannot get a robust infrastructure if it is managed by a weak
> administrator. The most important point here for a new Saas player is
> to learn how it works and master any detail of the life cycle before
> committing to host customers' data for years. Developers often
> underestimate how long term admin is specific.
> Several proven Odoo integrators sub-contract their OEM Saas farms to
> SISalp, I guess I'm not alone providing this service. I'm often
> surprised to see so many new Saas offerings on the net made by
> complete beginners on Odoo.

Your point is well accepted.
To be precise there are 2 kind of beginners, beginners in using Odoo and
beginners in providing SaaS solutions.
I started as a beginner in both disciplines. My goal is to provide out
of box verticals for small local vendors, businesses and trades to be
used in self service, but relying as much as ever possible on Odoo
standard and OCA modules. At the moment, our offerings are pilot
offerings with personal support and managed largely on a manual base.
But I'm closely observing offers and efforts such as provided by you,
but also goclouder and Yelizariev's SaaS modules. Meanwhile I have
learned a lot by doing it myself in order to understand better what we
will need as soon as we want to leave the pilot stage.

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