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Re: Add products to my multiple-warehouses

AVANZOSC, S.L, Ana Juaristi Olalde
- 21.03.2016 18:35:44

A few years ago we did a vertical for one egg farm in 6.1
As odoo logistics has been heavily improved since 6.1, today should be much easier to implement same industry.
To entry egg number by day/house you can simply use incoming picking. You can use a single one for all houses using different stock locations for each of them, or you can define diferent picking types, and create one different picking for each house. You could even use different warehouses if you need it.
On the other side you need pick and pack in boxes and palets, if you are selling eggs as eggs (not transformed in egg derivatives)
To cover this functionality you could use outgoing in 2 steps.
For sure, you will also need to activate and control egg trazeability and expiry date.
The last and mos complicated thing... depending on your cost calculation formula, you would need to control the chickens food, births, growing days, not eating days, illness frecuency... and so on.
Wishing this could help...

El 18/3/2016 5:32, "Juan Vidal Luis" <> escribió:
Hello all,

Can someone just guide me with the best and easy way to achieve this: Add eggs to my multipl-warehouses.

In my scenario, we have several chicken houses and they produce eggs. I want to track inventory of each house and as you can see, I dont purchase the eggs.

I can see that Inventory Adjustments can help but not sure is the best practice. At this time, I dont want to create a purchase order in order to increase the inventory.

Any idea if a single module to increase inventory exist or the best way to make it happen?

Juan Vidal

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