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RMA OCA Module Question

John Pia Jr
- 19.02.2016 06:44:34
Hello all,

I am using the

Management of Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA)
​ ​
OCA module, and finding it very nice. I have a question regarding the work flow.

Is there a way to create an RMA directly from an invoice? I was thinking there would for sure be a button on the invoice form that would allow me to create an RMA right from there.

Currently the only way i see an RMA can be linked to the Invoice is by first going to the RMA form and selecting the invoice.

Our sales & customer service department handles the RMA's so my thought is that from the sales order the employees in the sales department would just click on the invoice , and be able to generate an RMA from there.

Before i go ahead and build the action myself, i wanted to see if there was something already out there that im missing.

​Thanks all​
John Pia Jr
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