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RE: ODOO 8 and ODOO 9 Themes - Licenses!

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Subject: Re: ODOO 8 and ODOO 9 Themes - Licenses!


Well Bevan this is a quite ignorant point of view you have but I accept it.

(Bevan) Ignorant would be if I refused to know anything about the licensing.  I’m well aware of it, and have told you all about it also, however it seems that you aren’t listening.  If you were to re-read what I have written about the licenses, then you would see there is no confusion.


If you don't like that Topic simply filter it out. There are a lot of people reading exactly that topic but they don write here any comments as they know that there are people like you who like to stop discussions about that topic as soon as possible.


Please let us get an answer to these questions about the Odoo Themes, which includes also derivates based on the Odoo default Theme, nobody forces you to read that topic at all. It is a very important thing for our customers to know what licenses apply to those licenses so that they can make the correct decisions. As long as this point is not clear for everybody, this topic will pop up again and again. Look back and you will see a lot of Threads about Licensing which did not come from us but all are suffering a complete answer by those who are eligible to give a clarifying answer and you are simply not that person as you are not the owner of the code! 

(Bevan) You will have either Odoo v7/v8 (in which case AGPL applies to anything you develop from the Odoo source), or Odoo v9 in which case LGPL applies.  You have been provided with the link to the Odoo license information several times now… here it is again:   there should be no confusion regarding the Odoo source now.  You know which version you have, therefore you know which version of the xGPL applies to it.



This Thread is about the Odoo Themes and their licenses and what people can do or are not allowed to do with them. 


It would not even exist, when the situation would be clear and people, customers and companies who use or modify or even contribute such a Theme back to the community will probably get into serious financial problems.


It is about if those Themes are Modules which need to contain the license Odoo has got

It is about derivates based on those Themes, as you can find many of them in the internet and many of them stiff contain lots of references to theme_treehouse or theme_clean etc in their code. Will people, developer, companies etc will get in financial or legal problems if they use one of those derivates, even those derivates were based on the theme_clean or theme_treehouse etc Versions which were before the campaign publicly available - and actually promoted to be used as base for own themes by many here on the mailinglist - 

(Bevan) This link returns a 404, so I’m not sure what it’s supposed to prove.  You get two themes in the Odoo source, theme_default and theme_bootswatch.  You can modify these if you wish, in which case you must conform to the LGPL license conditions for the Odoo source (which shouldn’t be hard).


You your self stated in your previous post, that the situation especially for Odoo 7 and 8 is even more unclear as here those theme_something modules would need to be made their source_code accessible for the website users, which could be also you or me.

(Bevan) If you have the AGPL Odoo 7/8 then you must conform to the AGPL conditions.  Interpretation of these is the issue, but Odoo can’t help with that.  You should talk to your buddies at the FSF regarding that.  Of course, not everyone has an AGPL version of Odoo 7/8, since Odoo may have granted other people different licenses, which wouldn’t require the distribution of source code.


It is also about Themes like already mentioned here, i.e. the Material Theme, which is packed into a module and all functionality of that Theme simply needs to kook and call libraries and functions inside Odoo, which means they have to be AGPL in Version 8 or LGPL in Version 9. Beside this the Material Theme itself is under an MIT license and also this Theme is - as you might also have realised now available in quite a lot of git repositories!, simply update them!

(Bevan) They do not need to be AGPL or LGPL at all if they are created by Odoo themselves.  Odoo don’t require a license to do anything they would like, they are the Copyright Holder…  AGPL/LGPL/GPL/Apache/SuperMagicCopyCentreLeftALittleLicense, none of these have any impact on them as Copyright Holder they can distribute the code as, and how, they see fit.  If you receive a copy of THEIR code then you become a licensee, and you are bound by whatever license the code was provided to you as.  If there was no copyright notice giving you rights, then you have to assume they are only giving you a view of it, and you have no rights to use it at all.


The MIT license allows almost anything.  You can distribute these files as you wish, as long as you retain the copyright notice.  If you use these on a server, then you don’t have to provide them in any way to the users of the server.  If you link to them from your own modules, then again you don’t need to provide copies of the source or anything in any such way.  MIT is a very liberal license… you can pretty much do anything at all with it.


Where Odoo have released software as AGPL (Odoo v7/v8) then all developers/customers that received Odoo under this license must respect this license, and follow the conditions.  This does indeed mean that any themes or modules developed for the AGPL licensed Odoo must also be AGPL.  HOWEVER… Odoo did also release under non-AGPL to partners, and certain end users.  These partners and end users do not need to release the code as required by the AGPL, since they are not licensees of the AGPL version of the code (well they could if they choose to be, but it’s unlikely).



Ok Beaven Bevan - perhaps you don't understand what I am actually talking about:




And to make sure you don't miss understand me, I have never said that you are one of those unscrupulous module modifiers, it was somebody else - 


Beavan  wrote: "perhaps Luke incorrectly modified the license conditions, in which case you also don’t have a valid license, since Luke had no power to grant third-party licenses, nor to modify the existing license conditions"


Bevan:  I never intended to imply that anyone here was being unscrupulous, or nefarious, or any other large word to mean ‘bad guy’.  Lots of people don’t understand about copyright, and as you say github lets you pretty much fork anything… but as we should have learnt, there are some things that just shouldn’t be forked with…

As Luke mentioned (apologies to Luke for naming him again.. I did try to avoid it), the best solution is to just develop stuff yourself.  If you develop for v7/v8 public releases, then you must be AGPL compliant.  If you develop for v9 then you only have to do LGPL.  If neither of these work for you, then you should talk to Odoo about other possible licenses.

In the end copyright is just copyright.  Put it into a book context.  If a theme is a very short story, the story itself can pretty much be the same, but use different words, have different characters… then there’s no copyright issue.