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Re: developers vs consultant ODOO

Mr James Alfa
- 21.10.2015 12:50:13

is that a yes or a no ?

If it is a no then does it mean that odoo hosting sites such as are illegal ?

thanks for clarifying


On Wed, Oct 21, 2015 at 2:37 PM, James Fox <> wrote:

Dominique and the community

is that really the case - can a vertical market developer sell a hosted odoo service with an odoo base, some of their own proprietary modules, some paid modules (LGPL license) and some community modules (AGPL) installed and activated ? Assuming that the end customer of the hosted service can get access to the source code is this considered a fair and legal business approach ?

I have no views either way, just asking. It seems to makes sense from the perspective of potential customers but the community seems to have some unexpectedly aggressive reactions when any suggestion of money is made.



I don't think it's any "unexpected" that a community cemented around a *GPL software is hostile to people who want to compete without playing by the same rules of openness, no matter the volatility of the Odoo SA recent business models.
I dont't think it's any different with other free software communities, at least it has been no different with Compiere or Openbravo communities...

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