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Re: Rules for new Posts in the Community

redCOR AG, robert rottermann
- 14.10.2015 06:38:17

On 14.10.2015 09:03, Mohamed Magdy wrote:
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Dear All,

I really appreciate your interaction with this email, I was watching it for 2 days and was waiting to see what if we can build the rules but I am really disappointed. There was no a single rule except the suggestion from Mr. Robert Rottermann to mark the email as a 'Promotion', I liked his idea :)

I can see that most of -not all- members do not mind to get announcements, but it was not the case with me and my brother (Ahmed).
I will try to explain what I have:
For me:
There was no single online training anywhere before mine, when I published it, guess what? You all attacked me. The others who came after me DID A GREAT JOB for Functional and Technical online training but no one attacked them.
Please don’t misunderstand the following as anything personal..
If I remember correctly there was one single comment that suggested that the community mailing list should be kept free of promotion for paid offerings. A number of answers supported this opinion.
I never had the impression that anybody attacked you in any way. However I always felt your reaction a bit out of proportion. And you keep up to repeat it.
I believe enough bandwidth has been allotted to this subject and we should let it rest.

I do NOT say, that discussing whether promotion for modules (paid or unpaid) should be allowed or banned from this list is wrong..
Normally members of support mailing list tend to frown upon promotion. For such messages a "announcement" mailing list should exists.