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Re: E-Learning Module on Odoo-8

Hertford Developments Limited, Kurt Haselwimmer
- 28.08.2015 07:11:20

is there a demo of your system that the interested can see. To be honest I have never used moodle before and was hoping to use odoo entirely for the job of running simple video content delivery campaigns for basic customer training and marketing of the components we sell, rather than the full on business of selling training resources.



Hello Kurt

we've created  C5 as a package that includes Odoo and Moodle. With a complete new training module you organize on site, online and blended learning offers and publish it in a catalogue.  Employees/clients/students  use the catalogue as entry point, select and order.  After confirmation (automatically or after approval) they are book.
In backend you can handle all offers, booking processes, including mass booking. Interesting is that you can exactly define which user gets which results in the catalogue. So you can publish courses also for special groups exclusive.
Connected are one or many MoodleLMS systems. Results from online courses are automatically stored in our Odoo training module.  Certificates are generated and published in catalogue with course history.
Trainer for onsite courses can generate participants lists directly.
There are dozens of other features.

The system is just running for clients with old OpenERP. We are just finishing the migration and optimization to Odoo 8.  Please conatct me direct for additional information.

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On Friday 28 August 2015 02:03 PM, Kurt Haselwimmer wrote:
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Do you mean using the platform for delivering training materials - eg like a sequence of slides videos in a particular order, with badges/course completion earned along the way, like Udemy ? If so then I was also be interested in this for delivery of training course.


Dr. Kurt Haselwimmer

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