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Re: FYI: New SAAS pricing posted

Narayana Moturi
- 09.07.2015 05:44:07

+1 Ermin

On 9 Jul 2015 18:51, "Ermin Trevisan" <> wrote:

On 09.07.2015 02:36, Fabien Pinckaers wrote:
> > * weakness: can't integrate community modules
> Is it a weakness? Yes and no.
> For very small customers, it is not. They prefer stability, low price,
> evolution and super clean usability than extra features. Aside for
> integrations (magento, shipping connectors, 3PL, payments providers), we
> rarely have a customer we can not implement out-of-the-box.
Well, I don't know why people are always thinking that "small" means 
"simple". It is not the size of a business which defines its complexity, 
it is the kind of business and its processes and it is a matter of scope 
of a solution.
The aim of our company is to offer turn-key preconfigured and 
standardized Odoo SaaS implementations for small local businesses and 
trades in many different verticals. That said, it is a big disadvantage 
not being able to implement community modules when I consider the speed 
and responsiveness of Odoo S.A. to enhancements, bugs and design flaws. 
And the deeper we get into the implementation of our solutions, the 
longer the list of gaps becomes.

Let me give you some simple examples coming to my mind right now:
- 3rd address line in addresses
- E-commerce: customizable sale ribbons
- E-commerce: missing commercial possibilities (pick-up, reservation, 
booking, rental, online appointment transactions with or without online 
payment) in connection with brick 'n' mortar businesses
- design flaws such as not treating a car as an asset (of a certain 
type) in asset management
... the list goes on...

My tradeoff: the existing user interface of Odoo backend is not usable 
for small businesses and having a better UI could be an argument for the 
enterprise version, if a reasonable commercial deal is negotiable. On 
the other hand, not being able to implement community modules would mean 
to close all the numerous gaps with own (proprietary) developments or to 
wait for Odoo to include them in the enterprise and/or community 
version, which is almost impossible, if you do not get a timely feedback 
on enhancement requests.

Just my 2 cents...

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