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Re: Multiple Companies

Todd Abraham
- 14.06.2015 11:21:32

Hi Joseph,

Have you considered deploying Odoo on Amazon Web Services? Once you have it setup the way you like, you can simply copy to an Amazon Machine Image (AMI) and deploy an exact copy as a new instance with its own unique IP address.


On Sunday, June 14, 2015, Joseph Andrade <> wrote:

I have recently installed Odoo and all the basic functionality for one of my small businessses.

I want to duplicate this install for 2 other small businesses of mine. What should I do, the Multiple Companies could be a solution but the problem is that this choice gives me only one Website.

How can I duplicate my Odoo install for my other businesses, do I have to install all of Odoo again? perhaps into another directory?

I hope you can share some of your experience.

Many thanks.

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