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Multi currency: exchange rate write off

Urs Probst
- 04.06.2015 13:22:50

I observe wrong write-off calculations when doing "Accounting->Customer 

Setup is multi-currency, base currency is CHF. There are EUR-bank 
accounts, EUR-based debtors-account, bank-EUR-journal in EUR, 
sales-EUR-journal in EUR, exchange gain/loss accounts are set up. 
Exchange rates are captured automatically.

1. generate an EUR customer invoice, say on June 1st for EUR 100.--, 
using Sales-EUR-Journal (no taxes involved here) which books the invoice 
into the EUR debtors account.
2. pay said invoice today, June 4th, with "Accounting->Customer 
Payments", with Bank-EUR-Journal.
3. check the journal entry of bank-EUR-journal. There are 4 bookings for 
the invoice payment:
     a) Account Exchange Rate Losses: Debit 4.19   (???)
     b) Account Debtors EUR: Credit 4.19   (???)
     c) Account Debtors EUR: Credit 100.00 (as expected)
     d) Account Bank EUR: Debit 100.00 (as expected)

The problem is the point 3a) and 3b): The 4.19 reflect the actual CHF 
value of Eur100 on the first of June minus CHF 100.--
which makes no sense. I would expect something like the difference of 
the exchange rate between the two dates times EUR100, i.e. the real 
exchange rate loss.

Has someone a clue what's happening here?

Best regards,